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Current Issue:
January 2019


Newsletter Highlights

  • President and Director's Reports
  • AZ Aviation Accident Summary
  • GAJSC Safety Topic: Aircraft Performance
  • Grand Canyon Fly-In Recap
  • Scholarship Corner: Austin Dunagan
  • New Life for Old Airplanes by Howard Deevers
  • GAARMS 2018 Safety Review by Fred Gibbs
  • Orbis MD-10 Flying Eye Hospital, Other Upcoming Event Flyers, and More!



 Current Issues in 2019

    • January - Pres and Director's Reports, Accident Summary, Aircraft Performance, Recap of Grand Canyon Fly-In, Scholarship Corner Austin Dunagan, New Life for Old Airplanes, GAARMS 2018 Safety ReviewUpcoming Events, and more...

 Past Issues for 2018

    • December - Pres and Director's Reports, Accident Summary, AZ Airport Focus: Prescott, Bald Eagle Breeding Season Begins, License to Learn, EVIT Students Volunteer at Grapevine, GAARMS, Upcoming Events, and more...
    • NovemberPres and Director's Reports, Accident Summary, Best Glide Speed, Nogales, Goldwater Tour, Careers for the Airlines, HopeKids, Sky Harbor Transition, Time Machine, Upcoming Events, and more...

    • October - Pres and Director's Reports, Accident Summary, Payson Pie Run, White Sands Recap, Let's Go Around, Fred's Perspective, Pilots & Medication, Upcoming Events, and more...

    • September - Pres and Director Reports, AZ Airport Focus Springerville, Backcountry Schedule, Almost Made it to Mexico, Getaway to White Sands, Great Potato Chip Affair, Aviation Buttonology, Stabilized Approach and Landing, Upcoming Events, and more...

    • August - Pres and Director Reports, AZ Airport Focus: Show Low, Maneuvering Flight, Exploring Northern Arizona's Sandstone Deserts, Getaway to White Sands, Getting Lost, High Flight, In Flight Emergency, Upcoming Events, and more...

    • July - Pres Director Reports, Accident Summary, Safety Topic Fly the Aircraft First, Beating the AZ Heat, AZ Airport Focus Grapevine, Surviving an Emergency, Pictures, Upcoming Events

    • June - Pres Director Reports, AZ Airport Focus Marble Canyon (L41), Porsche Aircraft Engines, CFIT Accidents, KC 135 Simulator, Upcoming Events...

    • May - Director Reports, Double the Fun at  Santa Barbara-Santa Ynez, Double Circle Ranch and Payson Fly-In Photos, Arizona Airport Focus Bagdad E51, Emergency Procedures, Women Pilots, Summer in the Desert, Annual Meeting this Saturday

    • April - President and Director's Reports,  AZ Aviation Accident Summary,  GAJSC Safety Topic: Smart Cockpit Technology,  AZ Airport Focus: Yuma - by Brian Shober,  When Things Go Bump in the Night by Howard Deveers , GAARMS: A Very Close Call , Spring Getaway to Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez , Event Pictures, Upcoming Event Flyers, and More!

    • March - President and Director's Reports , AZ Aviation Accident Summary,  GAJSC Safety Topic: Stabilized Approach and Landing,  AZ Airport Focus: Benson - by Brian Shober , After the Check Ride by Howard Deveers , GAARMS: Instrument Training Experience , Spring Getaway to El Fuerte, Mexico,  Event Pictures, Upcoming Event Flyers

    • February - President and Director's Reports,  Accident Summary,  Grapevine, Cottonwood Fly-In, & Goldwater Range Tour Photos,  GAJSC Safety Topic: Maintenance Placards,  Spring Getaway to El Fuerte, Mexico,  Johnathan the Brave by Andrew Vogeney , AZ Airport Focus: Kingman - by Brian Shober,  GAARMS: Symposium in Deer Valley by Fred Gibbs,  Winter Flying by Howard Deveers,  Event Pictures, Upcoming Event Flyers, and More

    • January - Spring 2018 Backcountry Line-Up, Eagle Breeding Areas , Accident Summary,  ADS-B Blocking,  GAJSC: Enhanced Vision Systems , Looking Both Ways by Howard Deveers,  Accident Trends by Fred Gibbs , Cottonwood Airport,  Event Pictures, Upcoming Event Flyers and more