Maneuvering Flight

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FAASTeam Online Course ALC-34 Maneuvering: Approach and Landing

“Getting It Right in Maneuvering Flight” FAA Safety Briefing, March/April 2010 (PDF page 17)

“Slow, Steady, Sure” FAA Safety Briefing, March/April 2011: (PDF page 22)

Airplane Flying Handbook

New AOPA Safety Advisor Maneuvering Flight–Hazardous to Your Health?


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General Aviation Joint Steering Committee

Loss of Control Working Group 1

Outreach Guidance Document

2014/04/28-051 (I) PP (Rev 1 7/5/16)

This outreach guidance is provided to all FAA and aviation industry groups that are participating in outreach efforts sponsored by the General Aviation Joint Steering Committee (GAJSC). It is important that all outreach on a given topic is coordinated and is free of conflicts. Therefore, all outreach products should be in alignment with the outline and concepts listed below for this topic.

Outreach Month: March 2017

Topic: Maneuvering Flight

The industry and FAA will develop a public awareness campaign on the hazards associated with Maneuvering Flight.


More than 25% of general aviation fatal accidents occur in the maneuvering phase of flight. Of those accidents – half involve stall/spin scenarios. Technology such as angle of attack indicators is increasingly affordable for GA pilots and will be covered in a separate Topic of the Month presentation.

Teaching Points:

  • Create maneuvering flight hazard awareness.
  • Describe typical maneuvering flight accident scenarios.
  • Discuss best practices for successful maneuvering.
  • Encourage pilots to seek training and proficiency in maneuvering flight operations.


  • Maneuvering Flight PowerPoint and Presentation Notes