Avoiding Controlled Flight Into Terrain

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2018 12 02 faa controlled flight into terrain cfit



Advisory Circular 61-134, GA CFIT Awareness https://www.faa.gov/documentLibrary/media/Advisory_Circular/ac61‐134.pdf

FIT Video -What More Can We Do? https://youtu.be/JBxg6hgbAr8



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General Aviation Joint Steering Committee

Loss of Control Working Group

Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT)

Outreach Guidance Document

      2018/4-5-124 (I) PP


This outreach guidance is provided to all FAA and aviation industry groups that are participating in outreach efforts sponsored by the General Aviation Joint Steering Committee (GAJSC).  It is important that all outreach on a given topic is coordinated and is free of conflicts.  Therefore, all outreach products should be in alignment with the outline and concepts listed below for this topic.


Outreach Month:  November 2020 


Topic: CFIT (SE 34 Output)

The FAA and industry will conduct a public education campaign emphasizing the need for training and currency when flying in mountainous areas. 



Technological advances in situational awareness have dramatically reduced the number of General Aviation CFIT accidents over the past 20 years.  Nevertheless CFIT accidents continue to occur and at least half of them are fatal.  This program acquaints the audience with the nature of CFIT accidents, their precursors, technological and safety risk management solutions to CFIT challenges


Teaching Points:

  • Pilots of all certificate levels are prone to CFIT accidents.
  • Most General Aviation CFIT accidents occur during the day and half occur in VMC.
  • Pilots must accurately assess the risk associated with each flight and plan accordingly. They must also continuously reassess risk en route and commit to alternate plans before they are in a state of emergency.