Approval for Return to Service

2019 06 01 faa approval for return to service


2019 06 02 faa approval for return to service


Advisory Circular 43-9C, Maintenance Records:
NTSB Safety Alert — Advanced Preflight After Maintenance:
Fact Sheet on Advanced Preflight After Maintenance:
“Advanced Preflight,” FAA Safety Briefing, Mar/Apr 2012:


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General Aviation Joint Steering Committee
Outreach Guidance Document

This outreach guidance is provided to all FAA and aviation industry groups that are participating in outreach efforts sponsored by the General Aviation Joint Steering Committee (GAJSC). It is important that all outreach on a given topic is coordinated and is free of conflicts. Therefore, all outreach products should be in alignment with the outline and concepts listed below for this topic.

Outreach Month: August 2019

Topic: Approval for Return to Services

Background: The General Aviation Steering Committee (GAJSC) has identified a number of fatal general aviation accidents caused by flying in an aircraft that is underfoing maintenance and is not approved for return to service. Before you take or fly an aircraft, always check for the signed, Approval for Return to Service entry in the aircraft's logbook.
Most aircraft owners are up to speed on the status of their aircraft, and rental fleets usually have aircraft status boards or squawk sheets to check for problems with an airplane, but nevertheless some pilots take, or attempt to fly, an airplane that is undergoing maintenance or is not ready to be returned to services.