General Aviation Survival

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General Aviation Joint Steering Committee

Outreach Guidance Document

2015/05/13-072 (I) PP

This outreach guidance is provided to all FAA and aviation industry groups that are participating in outreach efforts sponsored by the General Aviation Joint Steering Committee (GAJSC). It is important that all outreach on a given topic is coordinated and is free of conflicts. Therefore, all outreach products should be in alignment with the outline and concepts listed below for this topic.

Outreach Month: October 2017

Topic: General Aviation Survival (LOC SE 34, Topic 8)

The FAA and industry will conduct a public education campaign emphasizing the benefits of General Aviation Survival Training and Equipage.


The GAJSC has determined that a significant number of general aviation fatalities could be avoided if pilots were better prepared and equipped to survive forced landings and crashes. Survival training is strongly recommended as is carrying appropriate survival equipment on board the aircraft.

Teaching Points:

  • Discuss the scope and safety benefits of survival training and equipage.
  • Acquaint pilots with available resources.
  • Encourage pilots to train and plan for survival


  • General Aviation Survival Power Point