Double Circle Fly In & Camp
Double Circle Fly In & Camp  By Mark Spencer The Spring backcountry fly in season is nearly over, but come out and enjoy one of our last two events. It’s Grapevine (88AZ) May 18th through 20th, which is our last hosted Grapevine event until fall. To end the season, on Memorial Day weekend we’ll be at Pleasant Valley (24AZ) just outside...  Read more...Double Circle Fly In & Camp
Arizona Legislature GA Caucus
Arizona Legislature GA Caucus  By Mark Spencer Thanks to Representative Todd Clodfelter, District 10 in the Tucson area, we had our third successful General Aviation Caucus meeting in Phoenix on Tuesday March, 20th at the state legislature building. On the agenda were two presentations: the first was by Adam Hawkins from Global External Relations, and...  Read more...Arizona Legislature GA Caucus
Spring Backcountry Kicks Off!
Spring Backcountry Kicks Off!  By Mark Spencer Our schedule was published last month and here we are already in March with two backcountry events. First, starting on Friday the 16th, donation lunch on Saturday the 17th, at the Grapevine airstrip along the shores of Roosevelt lake. Our guests this weekend will include forest service planners hoping to...  Read more...Spring Backcountry Kicks Off!
Grapevine Recap
Grapevine Recap  By Mark Spencer While challenging weather scuttled our monthly fly in BBQ at Grapevine for January, several folks did fly in. Because of their hard work, along with a ground crew, a small tractor and 40 additional tons of fill, the airstrip has never looked better. Anyone that has visited Grapevine understands the incredible beauty of...  Read more...Grapevine Recap
Spring 2018 Backcountry Line Up
Spring 2018 Backcountry Line Up  By Mark Spencer While the weather continues to favor Arizona backcountry in the central desert, plan on attending one of APA’s backcountry weekends at the Grapevine Airstrip (88AZ) for one of our third Saturday BBQ’s. Of course you can fly in on Friday and stay the weekend, or if you are more of a loner, visit...  Read more...Spring 2018 Backcountry Line Up
Backcountry Update for Grapevine
Backcountry Update for Grapevine By Mark Spencer You might have heard that the APA bit the bullet, purchasing 40 tons of special aggregate for shoring up the asphalt edges at midfield for Grapevine. Paul Pitkin and Mike Andresen pulled off the order and delivery. It’s a lot of material to move by shovel and wheelbarrow, but nothing our APA and RAF...  Read more...Backcountry Update for Grapevine
Backcountry Update for Young PV
Backcountry Update for Young PV By Mark Spencer Fall has been good to us in Arizona, and it is our best time of year for flying. We are, of course, still waiting for a little cooler temps as this fall has been unusually warm, but relatively calm.  Our Pleasant Valley fly in and camp  over Veteran’s day was an incredible time for all, and the...  Read more...Backcountry Update for Young PV
Pleasant Valley, Young AZ (24AZ)
Pleasant Valley, Young AZ (24AZ) By Mark Spencer Get ready for Veteran's day weekend, November 10 -12th, as we’ll be back in Young, at the Pleasant Valley, 24AZ airstrip.  If you have a big tire plane, we’re working on a special fly over to our newest backcountry airstrip, Buzzard’s Roost that Saturday morning. Buzzard’s...  Read more...Pleasant Valley, Young AZ (24AZ)
Backcountry Fall/Winter 2017
Backcountry Fall/Winter 2017 By Mark Spencer As the 2017 summer gives way to cooler fall and winter weather, we have a lot to look forward to in the Arizona backcountry. At Grapevine, now a formally fully opened airstrip, 88AZ, we will resume hosting our monthly weekend fly in camp outs and our donation based lunch every third Saturday! These are incredible...  Read more...Backcountry Fall/Winter 2017
Legislative Action, Your Voice Counts
Legislative Action, Your Voice Counts To Privatize or Not to Privatize? By Mark Spencer While the Arizona Pilots Association is primarily focused on state level activities, so important is the proposal to privatize ATC in the federal house FAA re-authorization bill, H.B. 2997, that we became involved to have our voice heard in DC, and heard it was! Our call...  Read more...Legislative Action, Your Voice Counts
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