The Struggle for Tuweep
The Struggle for Tuweep  By Mark Spencer  Who would believe that 12 years after Tuweep’s closure by Arizona’s State Trust Land Department that we’d still not see the end of our struggle to regain access to this long established and historic airstrip? The APA’s and RAF’s efforts here might win a record for tenacity or persistence, as a recent email… Read more...The Struggle for Tuweep
Backcountry Update Spring 2017
Backcountry Update Spring 2017  By Mark Spencer  As 2017 flying season enters full swing so does our backcountry schedule! If you’ve got the right aircraft and skill, you’ll find Arizona’s backcountry to be among the most beautiful places in the country to fly and camp. Arizona’s backcountry airstrips provide everything from the smooth but narrow… Read more...Backcountry Update Spring 2017
Backcountry Winter/Spring 2017
Backcountry Winter/Spring 2017  By Mark Spencer  As 2016 sets and the sun rises on 2017, we have a lot to look forward to in the Arizona backcountry. We’ve received word that Grapevine has been assigned an identifier, 88AZ, and what a way to start this new year! Don’t expect it to show up on the sectional for some time still, as the process of charting takes a… Read more...Backcountry Winter/Spring 2017
Tonto National Forest Planning
Tonto National Forest Planning By Mark Spencer As the Tonto national Forest enters the next phase of the forest planning process, APA members help fulfill our mission as “The voice of General Aviation in Arizona!” To many, the Forest Service planning process is a mystery, but thanks to RAF’s Ron Normandeau, the curtain has been pulled back on this process. Ron… Read more...Tonto National Forest Planning
Grapevine Celebration
Grapevine Celebration By Mark Spencer Celebrating the completion of our Grapevine Asphalt Preservation Program seemed only fitting for October’s fly in weekend, and celebrate we did! 24 aircraft in all, and roughly 50 people attended. Besides enjoying the myriad of aircraft, some former show winners, the food and company was great! It was also nice to see some of our hardest… Read more...Grapevine Celebration
Grapevine Preservation Complete
Grapevine Preservation Complete By Mark Spencer Saving the Tonto National Forest Grapevine airstrip, once E75, but closed and abandoned for roughly 20 years, could be one of the greatest challenges ever taken on by the Arizona pilot community. It all began in 2011 with some 80 volunteers over 3 days clearing the runway edges of Ironwood, Cat Claw, and Palo Verde trees that had taken… Read more...Grapevine Preservation Complete
Arizona Backcountry Fall 2016
Arizona Backcountry Fall 2016 By Mark Spencer By the time this is published we will have had our first fall backcountry fly in behind us. I am itching to jump into the Cub and head up to 24AZ, Young Arizona for the Labor Day weekend. Temps are cooling, the Monsoon is nearly dissipating, and we’ll have several months ahead that folks in other parts of the country only dream about.… Read more...Arizona Backcountry Fall 2016
Young Labor Day Weekend
Young Labor Day Weekend By Mark Spencer This weekend’s fly in camp and Labor Day celebrations in Young would be hard to describe as anything but incredible, so much so that it will likely become an annual APA event! Of course, every successful fly in starts with participation, and from that perspective, we had no issues. In all, 20 aircraft and roughly 20 aviators and friends took… Read more...Young Labor Day Weekend
FAA Form 7480-1 Submitted!
FAA Form 7480-1 Submitted! By Mark Spencer It took me a while, but finally got the completed FAA Form 7480-1 over to District Ranger Kelly Jardine a couple of weeks ago for re-charting Grapevine! Fire season is incredibly busy for USFS folks, but DR Jardine signed it and got it back to me quickly, and it is now in the hands of the FAA. This first step in re-charting the Grapevine… Read more...FAA Form 7480-1 Submitted!
National RAF Meeting
National RAF Meeting By Mark Spencer Over 100 volunteers, including 20 state liaisons, met in Bentonville, Arkansas, from May 12th through the 14th for the RAF Razorback Rendezvous, as it was called. Thanks to generous support by the Walton Family Foundation, the group enjoyed Friday dinner at the soon-to-be open to the public Sugar Creek airstrip, just outside of Bentonville. Steuart… Read more...National RAF Meeting
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