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Double Getaway—Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez

Friday, April 27, 2018

Contact - Brad Lawrence This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 602-460-4286

Location - Santa Barbara, CA and Santa Ynez, CA

2018-04 header double getaway to 2018-04 santa-barbara-santa-ynez

Double Getaway—Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez

April 27 (Fri)—Santa Barbara, CA—Old Town / Marina

April 28 (Sat)—Santa Ynez, CA—Winery Tours / Solvang

Join us on 1 or both days.  We will start each day at 10:00 at each a/p. 


RSVP today for our Double Getaway this Friday & Saturday! April 27 (Fri) Santa Barbara, CA Old Town / Marina, and April 28 (Sat) Santa Ynez, CA, Winery Tours / Solvang. Join us on one or both days. (RSVP to Brad Lawrence via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 602-460-4286)

If you as a pilot want to take your co-pilot on a fun and memorable Getaway, this is the one, guaranteed a winner. I tried to steer everyone to reasonably priced and cool hotels in both venues, but the prices may be a little higher than Phoenix. Santa Barbara has a lot to offer with her landmarks, Riviera, and wharf. You may decide to spend the whole weekend there, but don’t miss out on Santa Ynez, Solvang, and Los Olivos north of the mountain, 18 flight miles from Santa Barbara. You may want to take an early morning flight up the coast to Santa Maria and back to Santa Ynez before we start the day.

You will have to make your hotel and car rental reservations—telephone numbers below. No shuttles are required since we’ll pick up cars by our airplanes. Call me to verify your trip plans, I will try to double up on the cars for ease of use (parking and cost). Please have an Uber or Lyft app.

This is an easy 2.5-3 hour flight from the Phoenix Area over to Santa Barbara (397nm). KSBA is a Class C controlled air space, so plan accordingly with ATC prior to entering. Departing requires clearance delivery of course. We might have to contend with a marine layer, so monitor the METARs and TAFs. If it is IMC you’ll get vectors for the ILS Rwy 7. If VMC you’ll get a visual for 15L most likely. Atlantic Aviation is on the SE side of the a/p, so if you get 15L a left turn off the runway will put you practically on their ramp (bravo ramp). Santa Ynez is a non-towered airport on the north side of the coastal mountains. This is sort of a sleepy valley below the famous Reagan Ranch of the 80’s on top of the mountain by the VOR. The winds will usually favor Rwy 26.

2018-04 santa-barbara-ynez-airports

Objective of the Schedule

To give the participates a 1 or 2 day option as well as giving them two very different airports that are relatively close together. A beach town with historic landmarks in Santa Barbara and rolling hills in the mountains with wineries and a quaint Danish town to stroll through in Santa Ynez (Ya nez) area. As a group it would be nice to have the same plans, but some may want to stay in SB for both days, or only fly to Santa Ynez, or whichever. The group plans are as follows below.


Santa Barbara—4/27 Itinerary
10AM Landing at KSBA —preferred parking is at Atlantic. You’ll get rwy 15, so it’s a short taxi. Rental car from Atlantic Aviation 805-964-6733 any brand. Avgas is $5.30
11AM Walking tour of the Mission at Santa Barbara. 2201 Laguna St.
1PM Lunch at the Belmond El Encanto (5 minutes from the Mission), 800 Alvarado Place
3PM Courthouse and State Street walk (shopping and sightseeing)
6PM Lite dinner and tour on Stearns Wharf at the beach
Beach hotels: Preferred area is on Bath Street, 1 blk from the beach, clean & economical.
Marina Beach Hotel—21 Bath St. 805-953-7204
Casa Del Mar Inn—18 Bath St. 805-963-4418
West Beach Inn—306 W. Cabrillo Blvd. 805-963-4277
Franciscan Inn—108 Bath St. 805-963-8843
Santa Ynez—4/28 Itinerary
10AM Landing at KIZA—It’s a small a/p so park at transient. Most likely winds will favor 26
Rental car from Hertz. 805-688-8390 Call 2 days in advance for delivery to a/p.
Avgas at self serve is $4.59 (extra .50 for the truck delivery)
11AM Tour of 2 Wineries in the Santa Ynez Valley (Featured in Wine Magazine)
3PM Self Tour of Solvang “Danish capital of the US”
6PM Dinner at ‘Bit O-Denmark’ Smorgasbord— 473 Alisal Road (Authentic Danish cuisine)
Solvang Hotels:
The Landsby 4.5 star—1576 Mission Drive 805-688-3121
Solvang Inn & Cottages 4.2 star—1518 Mission Drive 805-688-4702
Kronborg Inn 4 star—1440 Mission Drive 805-688-2383
Viking Motel 4 star—1506 Mission Drive 805-688- 1337


Please contact Brad Lawrence via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 602-460-4286 for more information.

2018-04 santa-barbara-ynez-vineyard


2018-04 santa-barbara-ynez-ocean

2018-04 santa-barbara-ynez-windmill 


This Getaway is an optional 1 or 2 day trip.

The group events are arrival times and dinners.

SBA may have a morning marine layer, Santa Ynez will not. 

This should be a lot of fun for everyone.


Contact Brad Lawrence for the Getaway Package to be emailed to you.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 602-460-4286.



Double Getaway—Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez


Location - Santa Barbara, CA and Santa Ynez, CA