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~  Scholarship Corner  ~   By Chris Nugent September shaped up to be a busy month for the Scholarship Committee with several information sessions scheduled to ensure that aviation career-oriented students were aware of the APA scholarship program. Unlike last year, we were able to conduct most of these sessions in person and it was great to be able to
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~  Scholarship Corner  ~   By Chris Nugent   As this edition of the newsletter goes to print the Scholarship Committee is busy working the logistics for program information sessions at several schools and colleges across Arizona. As I mentioned last month, the vast majority of these will be virtual which works well and we’ve seen really no change
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  By Howard Deevers   Most of my troubleshooting is done with tools: Voltmeter, Amp Meter, Torque Wrench, or other tools that you would use to check for problems. What does the “nose” have to do with it? Have you ever gotten into your car and started it, then smelled anti-freeze? I hope not, but anti-freeze has an odor that you will notice immediately. Usually
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  By Paul Wiley   Mission: From “To assess pilot knowledge, judgement and skill in critical flight and ground tasks and, to improve pilot performance in risk management, planning, and execution of general aviation flight operations.” Purpose: As stated in AC 61-91J: “The objective of the WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program is to reduce the number
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  By Howard Deevers We all know about the Flight Bag. The bag that contains our headset, sectionals, charts, FAR/AIM, facilities directory, E6B, plotter, water bottle, candy bars or snacks, and now charging cords. New students will not have enough stuff in their bag, or too much stuff in the bag. As we progress in flying, we learn what works best for us, and eventually
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~  Scholarship Corner  ~   By Chris Nugent It’s hard to believe that 2021 has gone so quickly, but we are fast approaching another APA scholarship program cycle. The deadline for applications for scholarships for the 2022 academic year is 31 October 2021. You may recall that we moved it out several weeks into November last year to account for all the
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  By Howard Deevers   That sounds like the start of a story with a really bad ending, but actually it is a good story! We all know that the minimum age to solo is 16, and you can get your private pilot’s license on your 17th birthday. (Glider pilots can be 16). However, the FAA has no upper limit for piloting as long as you have a medical (or can fly on basic
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  By Howard Deevers   The Go Around, also called a “rejected landing,” is a required item on most check rides for a rating.  It Is also required training for pilots before they can be signed off for solo flight.  After your Private Pilot check ride, the next time you might do a Go Around could be on your flight review, 2 years later. Naturally, we
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  By Paul Wiley   This article is intended for pilots flying under Visual Flight Rules (VFR).  It is intended to cover important highlights and to summarize the basic communications procedures recommended by the FAA to facilitate the safe and orderly flow of air traffic to and from airports.  We will also include some traps to avoid and tips to help you
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~  Scholarship Corner  ~   By Chris Nugent In this month’s Scholarship Corner, we will wrap up our overview of the 2021 scholarship recipients. It is always great to see the enthusiasm and commitment they have made to pursuing a career in aviation.   Elijah Olvera Hello, my name is Elijah Olvera and before I begin my story, I want to say thank