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  By Howard Deevers We all know about the Flight Bag. The bag that contains our headset, sectionals, charts, FAR/AIM, facilities directory, E6B, plotter, water bottle, candy bars or snacks, and now charging cords. New students will not have enough stuff in their bag, or too much stuff in the bag. As we progress in flying, we learn what works best for us, and eventually
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~  Scholarship Corner  ~   By Chris Nugent It’s hard to believe that 2021 has gone so quickly, but we are fast approaching another APA scholarship program cycle. The deadline for applications for scholarships for the 2022 academic year is 31 October 2021. You may recall that we moved it out several weeks into November last year to account for all the
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  By Howard Deevers   That sounds like the start of a story with a really bad ending, but actually it is a good story! We all know that the minimum age to solo is 16, and you can get your private pilot’s license on your 17th birthday. (Glider pilots can be 16). However, the FAA has no upper limit for piloting as long as you have a medical (or can fly on basic
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  By Howard Deevers   The Go Around, also called a “rejected landing,” is a required item on most check rides for a rating.  It Is also required training for pilots before they can be signed off for solo flight.  After your Private Pilot check ride, the next time you might do a Go Around could be on your flight review, 2 years later. Naturally, we
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  By Paul Wiley   This article is intended for pilots flying under Visual Flight Rules (VFR).  It is intended to cover important highlights and to summarize the basic communications procedures recommended by the FAA to facilitate the safe and orderly flow of air traffic to and from airports.  We will also include some traps to avoid and tips to help you
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~  Scholarship Corner  ~   By Chris Nugent In this month’s Scholarship Corner, we will wrap up our overview of the 2021 scholarship recipients. It is always great to see the enthusiasm and commitment they have made to pursuing a career in aviation.   Elijah Olvera Hello, my name is Elijah Olvera and before I begin my story, I want to say thank
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  By Rick Bosshardt    The Leavitt Family and I had set a date in March for their first big fly-in and pancake breakfast at the Propwash Ranch, and it got "winded" and rained out, to all our disappointment. Jordan Leavitt and I decided to reschedule it, and we picked April 10 for the reschedule date, and April 9 for those that wanted to camp out
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~  Scholarship Corner  ~   By Chris Nugent In this month’s Scholarship Corner article, we will continue to provide some more information on our 2021 scholarship recipients. I believe it’s important that you hear from them directly, so I have asked each of them to provide a brief overview of themselves and their aviation career goals in their own
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  By Howard Deevers We live in the Technology Era, no doubt about that, and technology has made life easier for most of us, but who among us has not had an issue with our “computers”? We have computers, iPads, smart phones, and even smart watches that travel with us everywhere. If you leave your house without your cell phone, it is reason to turn around and go back to
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  By Rick Bosshardt    After flying around Arizona for the last 26 years, it’s not often that I find a local airstrip or airpark that I have not noticed before, but directly enroute between Mesa Falcon Field and Tucson lies an airpark that was falling into obscurity. Having been built in 1994 by enthusiastic pilots, Twin Hawks (AZ63) has slowly but surely