Electronics in the Summer Heat, Have a Backup!   By Bill Cassels    Early in the year we decided to fly our S35 Bonanza from Mogollon Airpark to Redding, CA. My youngest daughter lives in Redding, and we were going to spend the week visiting and then capture the four-year-old grandson for a month or so. Since we’d be going somewhere near the California
Read more: DENSITY ALTITUDE, Who Cares? DENSITY ALTITUDE, Who Cares?  Howard Deevers    Remember when we went through our private pilot training and the instructor first mentioned density altitude? Most of us had never heard of the term before. I sure don’t remember it being in any of my math or physics courses in high school or college. Even my instructor didn’t spend much time on
Read more: De-ja vu, All Over Again De-ja vu, All Over Again  Howard Deevers    The opinions expressed here are my own, and not necessarily those of Arizona Pilots Association or any other aviation association.   It was like hearing an echo, the same words, with a few more added, but from a different President. Trump said: The nation’s air traffic control system was designed
Read more: VFR CROSS COUNTRY FLYING VFR CROSS COUNTRY FLYING  Howard Deevers    Long cross country flights are lots of fun, IFR or VFR. Traveling for pleasure, for business, to visit family, or on a vacation, and using your airplane is what flying is all about. When weather permits, flying VFR can be even more fun. At the lower altitudes that most of us will fly, you can see much more of the
Read more: OH, NO! ANOTHER NEW FORM TO FILL OUT - THE ICAO Flight Plan OH, NO! ANOTHER NEW FORM TO FILL OUT  THE ICAO FLIGHT PLAN  Howard Deevers    Yes, it is true. Starting in June, 2017 pilots will be required to use a new Flight Plan. Actually we were to begin using it in January, but that got extended. The new Flight Plan is in the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) format, but don’t worry; it
Read more: AGING IPADS, AND OTHER AVIATION ELECTRONICS AGING IPADS, AND OTHER AVIATION ELECTRONICS  Howard Deevers    It seems strange to even talk about aging iPads, since they have only been around for as little as 7 years. “Electronics” in aviation go back to before WWII. They were fairly simple systems, such as the “Automatic Direction Finder,” or ADF as we call them. Radios were
Read more: OWNER ASSISTED ANNUALS Owner Assisted Annuals  Howard Deevers    Disclaimer: I am not an A&P. These opinions may not reflect those of Arizona Pilots Association. Most of us want to keep the cost of flying as low as possible, so we can keep on flying. One way to do that is to assist in the Annual on your airplane. 91.409 requires an annual inspection of every certified
Read more: FLYING IN MEXICOFLYING IN MEXICO  Mexican Government Aircraft Intercept  Howard Deevers    The second weekend in December I flew a dentist, and his son, to El Rosario, Baja, Mexico for the Flying Samaritans. The SAM’s, as they are called for short, take doctors, dentists, nurses, and chiropractors to their clinic in the small town of El Rosario (on the Pacific
Read more: POLITICS, AGAINPolitics, Again  Howard Deevers    (Disclaimer: These comments and thoughts are mine, and not necessarily those of Arizona Pilots Association) For many of us there was a great feeling of relief when this election cycle ended. Never mind who won, but the feeling that it is finally over! The election may be over, but the next cycle is just beginning. What am
Read more: Simple MistakesSimple Mistakes  Howard Deevers   A recent article from the FAA said that the new “kinder” FAA would not punish pilots for “simple mistakes, inadvertent actions, or other small infractions.”  That got me to thinking:  What exactly are simple mistakes? I’m sure we all make them.  A simple mistake might be knocking over