Read more: IT’S ONLY A FLAT TIREIt's Only a Flat Tire Howard Deevers The EAA convention is known as AirVenture, but before that name it was simply referred to as OSHKOSH. Most of us still refer to it as OSHKOSH. For one week the airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is the busiest airport in the world. About 700,000 people and 10,000 airplanes will make Oshkosh the place to be for anyone interested in
Read more: Wings 'N ThingsWINGS 'N THINGS Howard Deevers It might be hot in southern Arizona, but it was somewhat cooler in Denver, Colorado. At 90 degrees, the folks in Colorado are complaining! I was enjoying the cooler temperatures. The Mooney Pilots Safety Program (MAPA) invited Fred Gibbs and I to be instructor pilots at the safety program in Denver in June. Both of us have time in
Read more: DEAD RECKONING, GPS STYLEDEAD RECKONING, GPS STYLE Howard Deevers Early in our aviation training, navigation is an important subject. Many of my beginning students get lost easily. That is understandable, since things do look differently as we get up in the air. Suddenly, the road we use to reach the airport does not look the same. Get a little further away from the airport, and some
Read more: Ready to Go Electric?Ready to Go Electric? Howard Deevers Electric (battery powered) cars have been around for a long time, even going back to Henry Ford’s time. His wife drove a battery operated car. The Tesla Company makes a modern all battery powered auto today. It has great styling, good performance, and NO gasoline power. It is not a hybrid. The Nissan Leaf is another example of
Read more: Looking Back in TimeLooking Back in Time Howard Deevers At the end of the year I usually have some extra time to clean out my office spaces. 2015 was no different. I pitch out books or catalogs that I have not even looked at for a year, or longer. Dust off the shelves and try, one more time, to organize my life. Before actually throwing things away, I do look at them to see if it is
Read more: Twas the Night Before ChristmasTwas the Night Before Christmas Howard Deevers Well, of course not. Everyone knows that Santa is the only one flying on Christmas Eve, well almost the only one. Some scheduled airlines do fly, but they are way up there and no problem to Santa. Very few General Aviation airplanes are flying. Several years ago we decided to make a flight from Pittsburgh, PA, to Moline, IL
APA Needs You! by Craig Albright, APA Secretary   Read more: We Need You!Ever wondered why APA doesn’t do even more for general aviation in Arizona?  The answer is simple:  We need you!  APA is an all-volunteer organization.  We have no paid staff, and our overhead is nil.  Virtually all your membership dues go toward our mission of promoting and protecting general
From the Flight Deck - August 2013Read more: From the Flight Deck - August 2013 Roy Evans II For a few moments, let’s take a ride back in time to our flight training days. Let’s say this is our first solo cross-country, and here we are a few days prior to takeoff. Kitchen table cleared off, sectional chart laid flat, we begin the time-honored tradition of penciling in our true course, measuring distances between
From the Flight Deck - July 2013Read more: From the Flight Deck - July 2013  Roy Evans II I've always been fascinated by the Piper Cub, just like any other aviation geek out there. It's bright yellow paint job, the doors that can stay open for flight, and it's simplicity, bring you back to an earlier time of aviation where your eyes dared to look inside at the five instruments that most likely didn't function
From the Flight Deck - June 2013Read more: From the Flight Deck - June 2013 Roy Evans II We’ve all heard stories of how tight-knit the aviation community is. And, even with the number of pilots out there, chances are you’ll run into someone who you know, who you’ve flown with, or who knows somebody you know, much like the ‘six degrees of Kevin Bacon’. This last month I was at a job fair and put this theory to the test