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By Chris Nugent


As this edition of the newsletter goes to print the Scholarship Committee is busy working the logistics for program information sessions at several schools and colleges across Arizona. As I mentioned last month, the vast majority of these will be virtual which works well and we’ve seen really no change in the engagement by the students in these sessions. With the October 31st deadline approaching quickly, I’m sure that the applicants will be busy as well! Just a reminder that the application and related program information is available on our website at Scholarship Program (azpilots.org).

scholarship corner 2021 september evit east valley institute of technology 1

I also wanted to highlight some of the great things that the schools APA partners with on the scholarship program are doing to make aviation an exciting career path for young people. I’m sure many of you are familiar with the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) and the aviation training program they offer students. EVIT is a public Career and Technical (CTE) High School offering students a head start for careers as professional pilots, air traffic controllers, airframe & powerplant mechanics and airport managers. As such it is a dual enrollment program which offers a degree pathway in partnership with Chandler-Gilbert Community College and the University of North Dakota flight school.

I have had the opportunity to spend some time with students the EVIT campus and they are focused and excited about being involved in aviation. The EVIT Aviation program covers 4 semesters with the students progressing from introductory subjects such as aerodynamics to aircraft systems. Much of the learning is hands on with the students doing powerplant and sheet metal structures work and understanding flight instruments and navigation in simulators. A key element of the EVIT program is that students interested in progressing to flight training can complete their FAA written as a part of the studies. The final semester offers the opportunity to begin flight training (fixed wing and rotary) or take advantage of internships in aircraft maintenance, airport operations and other aviation-related fields.

scholarship corner 2021 september evit east valley institute of technology 2

EVIT has also taken on a major project to build a new facility at the Mesa Gateway Airport location for the aviation program which will house both classrooms, labs, and maintenance bays. The facility is in the process of being completed and will be a great addition to the program when it is commissioned late this year.

The program is always looking for donations of equipment and tools for use in the labs. One of our APA members recently donated a non-flyable Cherokee for use as static flight and maintenance trainer. So, the next time you are cleaning out the hangar please think of donating anything useful to the EVIT program – it will certainly be put to good use!

Thank you for your continued support of the Scholarship Program and our partner organizations. They help us fulfill our mission of building the next generation of Arizona aviation professionals.

Stay healthy and fly safe.

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