By Howard Deevers

At the beginning of any new year, we always pause to think about the last year, or last few years, and to think ahead to what may come in the next year, setting our so called “New Year Resolutions.” Did you make any resolutions for this year? It's only been 12 months since I made the same resolutions that I made a year before that: lose weight, exercise more, take better care of myself, fly more, lose weight (again). Seems like a broken record.

In the last two years, I must have heard the term “get back to normal” dozens of times, and I'm sure you have, too. So many things were cancelled in total, that “getting back to normal” became a goal. The EAA was determined to hold the AirVenture in Oshkosh, and they did. I didn't go, but know of many people that did go. It became a symbol of “getting back to normal.”

its 2022 now what airventure

Our next “get back to normal” event here in Arizona will be the Copperstate Fly In and Buckeye Air Fare in February. I do plan to attend that event, at least for one day. And, like everyone else, I hope it will be our display of “getting back to normal.” What will the rest of the year bring?

I'm not so good at seeing into the future. We all like to predict what we think it will be, but no one can be sure. History books tell us what DID happen, and I'm sure that books will be written about the pandemic of 2020-2021-2022....... how long will this last? Not so sure, are we?

Like a pandemic there are some things in Aviation that just don't want to go away. Let us not forget USER FEES. And don't forget about PRIVITIZING ATC. Every administration, regardless of party in power, has brought these items up, and I can't see any reason why this present administration won't do it also.

Pilot associations, like AOPA, EAA, and others, have been successful in defeating these proposals, so far. Now is not the time to think that they are gone forever. Again, I say, that I cannot predict the future, but be aware that these things will come up again, and maybe sooner than we think.

its 2022 now what plane

User Fees and ATC are big issues that come back every few years, but there are smaller more local issues that General Aviation faces, also. That airport that was so remote and is now surrounded by housing will come under attack from the people that live in those new neighborhoods. Every year we lose airports, many that have been in that location for a very long time. I am not a believer that we need to save every airport, but some things just don't make sense.

We must remember that General Aviation is a very small segment of the population and is viewed with suspicion from those that don't fly.

How about making a New Year resolution to Fly Safer! That may sound like a mountain to climb, but we can do small things to improve our safety. Get a phase of the WINGS. Make a resolution to attend at least 2 safety seminars this year. They may seem like small things, but they are things we CAN do to improve our own safety awareness. By doing that we will be here to make these same resolutions again next year. Another easy resolution is to encourage a pilot friend to join the ARIZONA PILOTS ASSOCIATION, and come to a seminar with you. I am surprised by how many pilots do not know about APA, or the WINGS program.

My resolution for 2022 is to recruit at least 2 new members for both programs. We are better together.

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