Boy Scout Aviation "Camporee" - Calling all pilots!

Nov. 15th & 16th at KFFZ (Falcon Field)

10/28/2013 - Fellow pilots, the north Mesa LDS (Latter Day Saints) BSA Scouts ages 11-13 have chosen aviation as the theme for their scout camporee this year. The boys will be camping out Friday night Nov 15th at falcon field park near the old blue water tower.

On Saturday morning the boys, approximately 60, will be divided up and will be going to visit an FBO, the tower, the museum, and then many of them will want an intro flight in an aircraft. I would think perhaps a 30 minute flight is sufficient and I realize not all the young men will be able to sit right front seat but we will do our best to provide that. If each pilot took 2-3 boys depending on weight and balance, and did a takeoff, local area flight less than 25 miles, and a landing, and shut down and did that 2-3 times, we should be able to get it done. I realize that is a lot to ask so if you only want to do one circuit or two, I understand. Any of you that have twins or helicopters are invited. You are the PIC so it is your decision to fly or not, how many to take up, weather, wind, etc is your call.

The more aircraft and pilots the more we can do. We will have a ground crew to help out with shuttling the boys out on the ramp. I will coordinate with falcon field on allowing us to load, taxi and shutdown near the tower and falcon aviation.

So far we have 4 pilots and planes and we need at least 10. I know the Navajo Airlift is the prior weekend and you all do so much already. Let me know by email if you are able. We will send you the BSA form for pilots to fill out and I will send to all parents of scouts flying and any parents the release of liability form, or if you have one you prefer, all who ride along must sign a release.

Please spread the word and respond to me in an email and I will put you on the list and make sure you get the forms and releases. 

A youth/ BSA leader named Shaun Henderson will be coordinating the camporee, the forms, releases, etc, and I have been asked to help out with the pilots, planes and flights. His email is above also, but please respond to me if you are available. Thanks for any help you can provide. Maybe some of these young scouts will go on to join us as aviators!

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