Rick Bosshardt

Rick grew up in both the USA and Switzerland, to a Swiss father and American mother. He is a dual citizen who speaks three languages, and graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree from Cornell University. His career has spanned more than three decades as an Executive Sales VP of various different High Tech companies such as Microchip, Motorola and Freescale, running Global sales operations. Rick and his wife Therese raised three boys and are proud that all are out on their own as Video Game Producer, Physical Therapist candidate, and Civil Engineer.

Rick has been flying for 25+ years, and 18 months ago was introduced to the world of taildraggers and Backcountry Aviation. He has bought in hook, line and sinker, and is the proud owner of a CarbonCub and most recently has been appointed as the CubCrafters dealer for Arizona. Rick has jumped right into the APA over the last year and enjoys the camaraderie of being part of the group. Rick has been taking a very active roll in and has been successful in securing corporate sponsors for APA and is also working on APA member discounts.

Dave “Dunto” Dunteman

Dave retired from the USAF in 2004, after a 20 year career of flying some terrific aircraft. He started in the A-10 after pilot training and attended USAF Fighter Weapons School at Nellis AFB. After almost 2000 hours in the A-10 he was selected for an exchange officer position with the RAF and flew the Harrier GR-7 in the night attack role with 3 Squadron in Laarbruch Germany. During his training he also flew the Hawk for 65 hours and received 8 hours in the Gazelle helicopter. Upon return to the States, Dave attended staff college and then transferred to the Block 52 F-16, and then taught at Luke AFB for his final four years before retirement. During his time at Luke, he started flying part time in the Extra 300L as an aerobatic, air combat and upset recovery instructor with a company here in Phoenix. Dave has also been active in presenting pilot safety programs at APA Back Country fly ins.

Dave Fleming

Dave served over 30 years in the US Air Force as a tactical fighter pilot and instructor pilot in the United States, Europe and the Pacific regions. He has extensive aviation experience in formation and low level flying, coupled with many years in project management, diplomatic strategy and policy negotiation. His last assignment was Director of Operations for the Air Force ROTC program where he was responsible for training and scholarship selection.

He spent seven years in the subsea oil and gas industry developing standardization process improvements relating to subsea energy projects; leading multiple integrated operations teams in providing portfolio solutions for his customers.

He is now active in the Light Sport Aircraft community and currently owns a Sport Cruiser. Dave has also been very actively involved in organizing and administrating the APA scholarship program.

Arizona Pilots Association 2014 Election Ballot

Vote For Only Three Candidates

[ ] Rick Bosshardt
[ ] Dave Dunteman

[ ] Dave Fleming
[ ] Write In__________________

Bring to the Annual Meeting on May 10th, or mail by May 6th to:

Arizona Pilot's Association
PO Box 61242
Phoenix, AZ 85082-1242

All ballots must be received by May 10th.

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