A Reminder for Pilots

At some airports overflying the field and performing midfield entries to the traffic pattern is unsafe.
The AWOS at Marana Regional (KAVQ) announces do not overly the field and do not fly missed approach procedures for the RNAV/GPS 12 and RNAV/GPS-E  approaches during parachute operations.
Both the RNAV/GPS 12 and RNAV/GPS-E missed approach procedures have trajectories that pass directly through the drop zone (DZ) as can overflying and midfield pattern entries.
Please consult the Chart Supplement for more information on AVQ and nearby Pinal Airpark (MZJ)

Below is a diagram of the Marana Regional (KAVQ) Parachute Drop Zones.

Thank you for your help!


V. Lee Unger
APA Member
FAASTeam Representative

marana regional airport drop zones

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