Dear Arizona Pilots,

The mission of the Arizona Pilots Association (APA) is to act as the unified voice of general aviation in Arizona to preserve and protect our shared interests as pilots within the state.

I am writing to share what the APA has been doing for the Arizona Aviator. We realize that results count, and with membership growing by nearly 50% in the last two years is evidence that the results we’ve achieved count.  Make no mistake; numbers do count when addressing our concerns at the state level, so please consider becoming part of that voice and number through membership in the APA!

Below is a brief list of things that the APA has been diligently working to provide for Arizona’s aviators.

    • Education Seminars – The APA is dedicated to promoting aviation safety. Each year we hold the General Aviation Accident Reduction and Mitigation Symposium (GAARMS). This event alone provides more value to our community in aviation than any other. We’ve also recently added backcountry clinics, with classroom and hands on learning. You simply cannot put a price tag on safety!

    • Advocacy – 5 previously closed airstrips opened on federal lands in the last 3 years! One of our many goals is to promote equal rights to access public lands. The importance of this effort cannot be emphasized enough as there is a continued and imminent need to let our voice be heard on this issue. Each year policy changes go into effect regarding how the public is permitted to access our public lands. The APA is currently on the leading edge of this fight to maintain equal (and FREE) access to our public lands. Check out our recently re-opened airstrips.

    • Monthly Newsletter– Our monthly newsletter keeps our members informed on the current events and issues impacting Arizona’s pilots. Check it out the APA Newsletters.

    • Fly-Ins – The APA has worked tirelessly with the Tonto National Forest to re-open Grapevine Airstrip on Roosevelt Lake. We now host a fly-in on the third weekend of each month in an ongoing effort to provide greater access to airstrips within the state of Arizona.

    • Scholarships– The APA is dedicated to Investing in the future of Arizona’s leaders in aviation. Every year the APA grants two scholarships to students at the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT). In 2016 the APA has provided $6,000 in scholarships to Arizona’s next generation of Aviatiors.


Please consider joining the APA team as an important way to support your interests in aviation.  For less than what you spend on a cup of coffee each week, you can join our cause and provide Arizona’s pilots with a bigger voice!





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Help us grow our voice in our first ever Membership Drive

Its simple!

Step 1: Send our open letter highlighting our accomplishments as an organization to your friends within the Aviation community.

Step 2: Post our letter at your local airport FBO bulletin board and share it on Facebook!

Step 3When a friend joins and enters your name on the form
You’ll be entered to win prizes!

*Prizes include: 20 pieces of APA branded merchandise with the Grand Prize of a $100 gift card to Sporty’s

The membership drive ends on June 30th

Drawing held on July 15th


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