EVIT Students Volunteer at Grapevine

By Rick Bosshardt 

The APA has been active over the years in awarding aviation scholarships to deserving young Arizona students who wish to pursue some form of an aviation career (Pilot, AP, ATC, etc.).

The scholarship committee at the APA has been ramping up the program and had three outstanding winners in the spring of 2017 (for more info and pictures, see the June and July of 2017 issues of the APA Newsletter).

evit students volunteer at grapevine 1

This year we are just wrapping up the application process and will announce the winners before the end of the year. We have received 25 worthy applications, a record number!

As part of the process, the APA Scholarship committee has been speaking at local aviation related schools, EVIT being one of them.

The East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) has an outstanding aviation program for High School students who dual-enroll there while finishing their junior and senior years. These exceptionally motived and focused young people are very driven to make their aviation career dreams a reality, and many of them apply for our scholarships to help them as they move to aviation programs at such schools as Chandler Gilbert Community College, ASU, UND, and Embry Riddle.

One of the many elements that the scholarship committee reviews is the volunteering record of the applicants, especially in the aviation world.

With that in mind, after my presentations to several classes at EVIT, several students asked to volunteer at one of our APA events.

evit students volunteer at grapevine 2

On October 20th, we were pleased to see no less than 15 EVIT students show up by car and by plane to volunteer during the monthly Grapevine BBQ event!

The students were instrumental in helping to raise a new windsock, clear bushes and trees away from the entrance to the airstrip, and were given basic aircraft marshaling instructions, since we have all planes power down on the strip and get pushed into parking to keep the dust down.

One of the members also showed them his RV-10 build, and some of the things associated with building a top-quality kit airplane.

The interest, attention, and help from these budding aviators was inspiring to see from all the APA members in attendance and validated our efforts to provide more (and bigger!) scholarships to similar worthy students in the future!

Hopefully all of our members agree, and would be willing to donate to the scholarship fund going forward in 2019! The money will be well placed, and of course, is a tax-deductible donation to a non-profit organization.

Look for a new article series titled “Scholarship Corner” starting in January’s issue as we introduce 2018’s winners and talk about our big plans for 2019!

evit students volunteer at grapevine 3

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