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Scholarship Winner: Michael Daniels


By Andrew Vogeney 

We need about 6 pilots who own planes about the size of a Cessna 182. If all six owners (renters too!) skip filling up their tanks just once this month* and donate that money to our scholarship program, we’ll be able to help one more young aviator achieve his or her dreams.

One young aviator, like Michael Daniels, who wants to own a plane one day just like you do:

“Thank you and the APA Scholarship Committee for selecting me to receive a scholarship. I can't tell you how grateful and honored I am to have been selected. I’ve always found aviation very fascinating and knew quickly it would be something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. This past summer I had the opportunity to spend a week at a UND flight camp which reinforced my desire. I aspire to someday to be a commercial pilot and own my own plane. One day I hope to inspire others to join the aviation community.”

Michael is working hard in school – and doing well. He’ll eventually become a CFI as he works his way up to the airlines. For now, he’s been admiring the work of the APA – promoting GA and maintaining the backcountry, which he looks forward to exploring. Perhaps his interest in the backcountry relates to his work as an Eagle Scout, where he completed a difficult project helping a habitat way out in the Rim country. He took on a leadership position within the Scouts at only 16 years old and earned the admiration of his Scout Master and peers.

Help us reach our goal of helping even more students in 2019! Donate today. Big or small, your generosity makes this program possible – and we thank you!

*PS – If you have the means to help our scholarship program AND fill your tanks, by all means please do both! And consider taking a kid flying with you. Help inspire the next generation of pilots!

scholarship winner michael daniels

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