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Scholarship Winner: Theresa Olivares


By Andrew Vogeney 

I’m writing this one from Chicago. The fog is so thick I can’t see the apartment building across the street. Easter was beautiful – we had brunch outside on our patio. The following Saturday – snow! Rain, snow, and some other meteorological phenomenon that could have been sleet or hail or graupel or who knows… but how do we go from pure sunshine to… that? It blows my mind, and it makes me think… I really wish I could be flying today, but with consistently inconsistent weather, and a bent prop on the rental 172 I had just become accustomed to (NOT my doing), it has put a hard stop on my skyward ambitions for the time being. It might be time to book a seat on a big plane back to the Grand Canyon State.

You get it, right? The intense desire to fly on those days you just can’t? And how nice it feels when you finally can? Well, thanks to our generous members, I get to tell you about another great kid who finally can.

scholarship corner theresa olivares 1

Her name is Theresa Olivares, and she’s one of our six scholarship winners this year.

 “I've loved airplanes since I was 6 and grew up flying non-rev from AZ to El Paso, TX. I am the only person in my family aspiring to become a pilot and had found out about the EVIT aviation program in 8th grade. I quickly decided that I had to become a pilot when I saw the aviation classroom, so I mapped out my high school career in order to have enough credits to go. When I finally got to EVIT we were encouraged to get out into the aviation community, so I signed up for any aviation activity I could find. I accumulated over 30 service hours helping build our Sonex aircraft, volunteered at the Copperstate Fly-in with my class, then over that weekend without them as well. This past summer I was granted the opportunity to go to the EAA Air Academy via a scholarship from the Copperstate Committee and got to meet all kinds of aviation specialists. I took the chance to expand my understanding of aviation by asking a billion questions all throughout the Oshkosh fly-in. After that experience, I decided that I want to inspire others with my actions and drive in the same way others have inspired me. At the moment, I've been volunteering for various aviation related activities, such as the Girls in Aviation Day, and the Sky Kid's event last November. I'd love to become a CFI and eventually fly commercial airlines, but I also realize that there are a lot of ways to reach out to the community through aviation. I've witnessed the joy airplanes can give to disabled children through the Sky Kids organization and I'd love to dedicate a big part of my future career to things like that. I want to fly more than anything in the world and won't stop until I'm in the cockpit!”

Theresa is one of our rockstars, and you might have even met her out at Grapevine recently.

scholarship corner theresa olivares 2

Would you like to meet more of our scholarship winners? In person? If so, we hope to see you at our annual member’s meeting on May 18. After all, your membership dues and donations are the reason we’re able to send these kids skyward! You can also donate 24/7. Big or small, your generosity makes this program possible – and we thank you!

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