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Scholarship Winner: Kobe Lomasney


By Andrew Vogeney 


I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting our 2018 scholarship winners in the newsletter over the past few months, and hopefully in person at our recent membership meeting. It’s an incredible (and difficult) joy for those on the scholarship committee to choose our lucky and deserving recipients each year, and I hope you feel proud to have contributed to our ability to help them – if even just through your reasonable membership dues. Today I get to introduce you to this year’s final scholarship winner, Kobe Lomasney.

scholarship winner kobe lomasney 1

“Moving to Arizona has become a miracle to my life; it has introduced me to aviation and led me on an amazing journey of discovery.

My journey of aviation began with the astonishment of watching cropdusters buzz the cornfields of Nebraska. I knew I wanted to do something in aviation, but I wasn't sure exactly what. Moving to Arizona introduced me to EVIT, where I was able to explore aviation and discover my true passion in aviation. I am thrilled and eager to begin my career in aviation.”

Congratulations, Kobe!

scholarship winner kobe lomasney 2

Now… it’s hot out. You’re not flying as much. Neither am I. In another part of this newsletter you’ll get some suggestions on things to do so you can keep your head in the game – attend a safety seminar, plan your fall flying vacations, etc. And I would be remiss if I didn’t suggest making a small donation (maybe an unflown tank of gas worth) to our scholarship program. Hopefully you agree these kids are worth our time and money, and with your help, maybe we’ll have even more young aviators to introduce you to next year! You can donate on our website 24/7. Big or small, your generosity makes this program possible – and we thank you!

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