~  Scholarship Corner  ~


By Chris Nugent 


First, I want to thank the APA Board and membership for providing me the opportunity to continue the work that Andrew and the Scholarship Committee have put into ensuring that we continue to provide a catalyst for the next generation of Arizona pilots and aviation professionals. In my previous life in the aerospace industry, we invested a lot of energy in developing talent, and it’s exciting to carry that focus forward into Arizona general aviation.

scholarship corner august 2019

As Andrew noted previously, we had a record number of applicants in 2018 and were able to award 6 scholarships to some motivated and focused young people pursuing aviation careers. I’m hopeful that we can keep up the momentum and repeat this performance in 2019.

It’s only a few short months before the scholarship application deadline of October 31, so the scholarship committee will be busy ensuring that we maximize the awareness of the program in the schools and colleges with aviation related programs. If you know any deserving students that are interested in aviation careers, please ask them to visit the Scholarship Page on the APA website.

While it’s important that we keep up the momentum on the application front, it’s equally important that we maintain the financial “engine” of the scholarship program. The program is only partly funded through your annual dues so donations make up the balance of the budget. I hope that our members agree that the program is a worthy element of the APA mission and are willing to make a tax-deductible donation to the scholarship fund. Remember – no donation is too small (or too big)!

We’ll keep you posted on progress as we head into the fall, some much needed cooler weather and scholarship season!



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