~  Scholarship Corner  ~


By Chris Nugent 


First and foremost, I want to thank all of you that responded to the recent outreach for scholarship fund donations. As you may recall, we awarded six scholarships in 2018 totaling $13,500 and our goal is to repeat that performance in 2019. Your recent donations have taken us about 20% toward that goal and I’m confident we’ll continue to make progress in the next few months in building the fund. From a timeline perspective, the scholarship application deadline is 31 October with the selection process being completed in the December timeframe.

The scholarship committee has been busy over the last several months with visits to several of the local aviation schools giving presentations to talk with the students about aviation careers, the APA and our scholarship program. This included several student briefings at the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) and the Academies at South Mountain. Both schools have strong aviation-oriented education programs focused on developing the next generation of aviation professionals. The APA has had a long association with both of these schools, and in visiting them I was impressed with the focus and enthusiasm of both the students and faculty.  Programs like this are important to ensuring the continued health of general aviation in Arizona and it’s encouraging to know that the APA scholarship program is a valuable resource for the students.

scholarship corner 2019 october group

As a follow up to our visits, the APA was recently invited to participate in the EVIT Aviation Advisory Committee. The committee is comprised of representatives from the local flight schools, A&P shops, component manufacturers and associations such as APA and the National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA). The committee meets quarterly and is intended to help EVIT stay in tune with industry standards and coordinate internships for second year seniors.  Although the APA is not in a position to provide internships directly, connections are everything as they say and I’m sure we can help make some introductions. The committee also provides guest speakers for specific topics and I’m confident we can help here – aviation safety comes to mind.  If you are interested in being a guest speaker please let me know and I’ll work with the EVIT folks on the details. 

scholarship corner 2019 october winners

Thank you again for your continued support of the program and we’ll provide you a progress update in next month’s newsletter.


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