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By Chris Nugent

As this edition of the newsletter goes to “print” the next APA scholarship cycle is in full swing, and we are looking forward to seeing the same number of outstanding applications as we did in 2019. While our overall goals and approach for managing the scholarship program have not changed, we have made what may seem like a minor change in the process by transitioning to an online application tool. In past years we have used a PDF-based application that required both the applicant and the scholarship committee to manage a lot of paper. Said a little differently, we killed a lot of trees and spent a lot of non-value-added time ensuring that we had the right documents for each applicant.

To make life easier, Andrew Vogeney, the “idea guy” on the scholarship committee, spent some time developing a Google Forms tool that would allow the applicants to complete the application and submit documents like the cover letter and recommendation letters online. It works great, and I compare it to the transition from paper charts to ForeFlight!

I would encourage those of you that may be talking to students about the APA scholarship program to visit azpilots.org and check out the Scholarship Program page. Although the general format of the page has not changed, there are a few important items to note:

Submission Deadline – Based on all the difficulties in getting both high school and college classes up and running this year, we have extended the submission deadline to November 15, 2020.

Scholarship Application – The application link will now take you directly to the online application form for completion and uploading of required documents. This eliminates the need to scan and email the application and supporting documents.

As with any new process there will be questions, so I would encourage any applicant that encounters issues to reach out to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for help. We want to ensure that every application is submitted successfully.

In addition to rolling out the new application process, we are busy doing scholarship program information sessions with the schools and colleges via Google Meet, Zoom, and WebEx. The online sessions have worked well so far and have allowed us to reach a broader audience at the schools since it’s easier to schedule multiple sessions. We will also be trying something new this year by conducting an open scholarship information session in mid-October for the membership and anyone else interested in learning about the program.  Keep an eye on the APA website and Facebook page for additional information and scheduling.

Before closing, I wanted to provide you another update on one of our 2020 scholarship winners, Michael Swift, from Yuma. It was just last month that we reported that Michael had completed his first solo and I am now happy to report that he successfully completed his Private Pilot checkride in September. He certainly didn’t let any grass grow under his feet as he just started his training in June!

scholarship corner 2020 october michael swift yuma

As always, thank you for your generosity and support for scholarship program. Your donations, large and small, help APA fulfill our mission of building the next generation of Arizona aviators.

Stay healthy and fly safe.


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