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By Chris Nugent

As I reported in last month’s update, we had a great response to the 2020 call for scholarship applications with a total of 29 received. The overall quality of the applications was outstanding and from my perspective they have been improving with each scholarship cycle. This makes the selection of final scholarship candidates a challenge, but that is a good problem to have! 

We awarded 8 scholarships again this year, each with a value of $2,500, thanks to the overwhelming generosity of the APA membership which fully funded the program through donations. This is a real testament to the focus and unwavering commitment the membership has in keeping GA healthy in Arizona by supporting the next generation of aviators and aviation professionals. It’s a very important part of APA’s mission!

scholarship corner 2021 01 chelsea montgomery     scholarship corner 2021 01 rachael santana


scholarship corner 2021 01 sage nelson     scholarship corner 2021 01 frederic hewett

Here’s a quick overview of the 2020 scholarship winners – we’ll be publishing a more in-depth look at each of them in the coming editions of the newsletter:

  • Chelsea Montgomery – Chelsea is currently attending ATP Flight School’s Airline Career Pilot Program (ACPP) at Mesa-Gateway. Chelsea has been very active in the aviation community from a volunteer perspective and is a member of EAA, the 99’s, and Women in Aviation International (WAI).
  • Rachael Santana – Rachael is attending Chandler-Gilbert Community College (CGCC)/University of North Dakota Flight Sciences program and is working on her CFI rating. She is also a full-time flight attendant at Southwest Airlines.
  • Jeremiah Walker – Jeremiah is currently attending the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) aviation program and will move on to CGCC/UND in the fall to start the professional pilot program. Jeremiah is currently working on his PPL at Aviation Explorers Post 352 at Falcon Field.
  • Sage Nelson – Sage is an EVIT alumni and is continuing the Airway Sciences program at CGCC with the objective of completing her CFI and advanced ratings. You might recognize Sage from last year as she is a repeat scholarship winner – which is no small feat!
  • Frederic Hewett – Frederic is currently an advanced ground instructor at AeroGuard Flight Training Center and is completing his instrument rating at Scottsdale Executive. He is pursuing a career as a professional CFI and aviation educator.
  • Alyssa Bodwin – Alyssa is also attending the EVIT aviation program and working on her PPL at Aviation Explorer Post 352 at Falcon Field. Her goal is to become a professional pilot through the UND flight training program.
  • Elijah Olvera – Elijah is currently a senior at the South Mountain High School Aerospace Academy and is currently completing is PPL. Elijah has been accepted at a number of colleges, including Embry-Riddle Prescott, with the objective of pursuing a career as a professional pilot.
  • Sabrina Bailey – Sabrina is attending the Airway Sciences program at CGCC with the objective of becoming a professional CFI. Sabrina has experience as a backcountry guide and is a Leave No Trace Master Educator.

Despite the impact that the current pandemic has had on the aviation community, all of the applicants have shown a passion and focus on pursuing an aviation career, and it is encouraging that the APA scholarship program will help them achieve their goals.

Thank you again for your continued support and helping APA fulfill our mission of building the next generation of Arizona aviators!

Stay healthy and fly safe.


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