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By Chris Nugent

As I mentioned last in last month’s update, we had a tremendous response in terms of interest and applications for the 2021 scholarship cycle and were able to award 8 scholarships based on your generous donations. As we go through the next few months, I will provide you a little more detail on each of our scholarship winners – I think you’ll be impressed with the with the hard work and commitment each of them has shown in pursuing their aviation goals.


scholarship corner 2021 february chelsea montgomery

Chelsea Montgomery

My name is Chelsea Montgomery and I am honored to be a recipient of the Arizona Pilots Association Scholarship. I am a Minnesota native, but moved to Arizona a year ago for the great flying weather! I am attending ATP Flight School’s Airline Career Pilot Program (ACPP) in Mesa, AZ, to complete my flight instructor ratings. Early last year I decided to pursue my dream of flying after connecting with pilots at a Women in Aviation event. I have worked multiple jobs the past three years and am currently paying for flight school with hourly wages and savings. This scholarship will give me the opportunity to further my education, accelerate the pace, and allow me time to focus on causes vital to the aviation community by volunteering with organizations such as EAA, the Ninety-Nines, and WAI Girls in Aviation Day. I would like to flight instruct as a CFI in the near future. Instruction will be rewarding as I will get the chance to interact with people from all walks of life, play a part in helping someone reach their goals, and often be their first impression into the world of aviation!

I am involved in the aviation community through industry organizations such as AOPA, EAA, the 99s, and WAI, but also outside the community at Midwest Food Bank and Martin Luther Senior Home. Outside of the cockpit, I enjoy cooking, biking, hiking, and spending quality time with my family and dog, Lulu! Overall, I hope to someday return the favor and be in a position to help others reach their dreams by inspiring and financially assisting those unable to afford flight training. The Arizona Pilots Association Scholarship has helped me get my future off the ground and I appreciate everything that the APA members and Board of Directors do, not only for students, but for the Arizona aviation community as a whole, and young aspiring pilots, like me!

Chelsea sent us a very thoughtful thank you note (with brownies!) for receiving a scholarship - I have included it here in its entirety.

scholarship corner 2021 february thank you letter


scholarship corner 2021 february frederic hewett

Frederic Hewett

Frederic is originally from San Diego, California, and has a background as an educator and linguist (he is fluent in several languages including Japanese and Chinese). Frederic began his flight training in 2018, moved to Phoenix in 2019, and completed his private pilot license and ground instructor certificate in early 2020. Aviation has transformed Frederic's life through incredible, enriching life experiences and unique career opportunities that utilize his existing experience and talents.

Frederic currently instructs vocational English and ground theory at AeroGuard Flight Training Center at Deer Valley Airport and Chandler Airport. He has spent considerable time in China to screen and instruct ab initio pilot candidates for Chengdu Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, and Spring Airlines. In 2020, Frederic became a certified Language Proficiency Examiner for Austro Control in Europe to assign official ICAO language ratings to pilots in EASA member states. Frederic looks forward to further developing his career in aviation education as well as promoting general aviation culture across the world. 

scholarship corner 2021 february frederic hewett 2


More to come next month, and thank you again for your support and helping APA build the next generation of Arizona aviation professionals.

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