By Rick Bosshardt 


After flying around Arizona for the last 26 years, it’s not often that I find a local airstrip or airpark that I have not noticed before, but directly enroute between Mesa Falcon Field and Tucson lies an airpark that was falling into obscurity. Having been built in 1994 by enthusiastic pilots, Twin Hawks (AZ63) has slowly but surely seen a decline in airplanes and operations, to the point that it was in danger of being shut down.

Enter one Duane Lambeth, a seasoned Alaska pilot and fishing lodge operator, who was looking for a fun place to winter and to be able to fly directly in with his Piper Turbo Aztec. He discovered Twin Hawks, and bought in in a big way, buying many of the still undeveloped lots, as well as a gorgeous home and hangar. Several friends joined him in purchasing lots and hangar houses, and now Duane has been voted in as the new Airport Manager.

Duane and the Board have big plans for Twin Hawks! Expanded taxiways to allow larger planes to access homes and lots, power, water, sewer, and weekly grading of the runway. It already has lighting! How many dirt strips have lighting? I can’t remember any.

The airpark is a gated community with HOA’s of $200 per year, with approximately 30 lots. There is also 100LL available!

To help reinvigorate the airpark and expose it to Arizona pilots, Duane is hosting an Open House/Flyin and BBQ on April 3-4! The AZ Pilots Association and Arizona Real Estate Specialists ( will sponsor a Hot Truck lunch at noon at Duane’s hangar, and for those that are interested, many of us will camp out and enjoy the dark AZ desert skies Saturday night. Duane has many activities planned, from tours around the property in his 6-wheel Troop Transport, to off-road excursions in his modified convertible Humvee, and a 10-minute ride out to the firing range just off airport. We might even put together an impromptu STOL competition if the interest is there.

twin hawks soars again 1     twin hawks soars again 2

The runway is well graded and long, and can accommodate all manner of planes. An RV-8 with wheel pants is based there, as well as Duane’s Turbo Aztec, DeHavilland Beaver, and Cherokee 180!

Duane and the Twin Hawks Board require that all pilots who wish to land at the Airpark for the Flyin, or at any time, contact Duane first at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with some basic information. You can access those requirements as well as landing instructions at this link

We will have marshals helping to guide and park your plane at the right-hand end of Runway 22, and will help shuttle those up via Humvee up to Duane’s hangar and the BBQ for those that don’t want to walk the ~2000’ or so.

Come check out this jewel of an Airpark and help us bring it back to its former glory!


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