~  Scholarship Corner  ~


By Chris Nugent

In this month’s Scholarship Corner article, we will continue to provide some more information on our 2021 scholarship recipients. I believe it’s important that you hear from them directly, so I have asked each of them to provide a brief overview of themselves and their aviation career goals in their own words.


2021 03 scholarship corner rachel santana

Rachel Santana

My name is Rachel Santana, and I am a 25-year-old Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant working on my initial CFI rating with UND Aerospace at Mesa Gateway. I felt inspired to take a discovery flight the first time I saw the view from the flight deck of a 737 and have been hooked ever since. My short-term goals include becoming a proficient flight instructor by helping local pilots accomplish their BFRs, while simultaneously finding other creative ways to build hours. Our new world has everyone in a strange spot, especially the aviation industry, but I am committed to flying as much as I can, both as a career and a hobby. One of my long-term goals is to acquire an airplane of my own in an airpark community. I am honored to thank APA’s Scholarship Committee and members for believing in me and contributing to help fulfill my dreams.


2021 03 scholarship corner jeremiah walker

Jeremiah Walker

Even during the earliest years of my childhood, I remember experiencing an overwhelming fascination with the sky. Before enrolling at the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT), I never imagined it would be possible to pursue a career in aviation, especially as a pilot. Now as a member of Aviation Explorers, I have flown a total of 23 hours and am continuing to work on my PPL. I have thoroughly enjoyed and learned from each hour I've been able to spend flying. Currently a senior high school student in my final semester, I have my sights set on attending the CGCC flight program with UND. Although I am very open to experiencing anything aviation has to offer, my current plans are to amass hours and experience as a CFI before applying to the airlines. I want to thank APA for their generosity in offering this scholarship to hopeful young aviators like me.


2021 03 scholarship corner alyssa bodwin

Alyssa Bodwin

My name is Alyssa Bodwin, and my career goal is to become an airline pilot. When it occurred to me that I could be the one in the cockpit, I started doing everything I could to start my journey in aviation. I am frequently found at Falcon Field either volunteering or working with Aviation Explorers Post 352, where I am working towards my Private Pilot Certificate. I was blessed to receive a flight in a PT-26 while volunteering with Grounded No More Veteran Flight Lift and a formation flight with the Wings of Flight Foundation. These flights have opened my eyes to the bigger world of aviation outside of a career. I am very grateful to have received this scholarship, as it will be a great help in earning my Private Pilot Certificate.


We will wrap up with our overview of the 2021 scholarship recipients next month. In the meantime, fly safe and thank you again for your support of the APA Scholarship program.

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