By Rick Bosshardt 


The Leavitt Family and I had set a date in March for their first big fly-in and pancake breakfast at the Propwash Ranch, and it got "winded" and rained out, to all our disappointment.

Jordan Leavitt and I decided to reschedule it, and we picked April 10 for the reschedule date, and April 9 for those that wanted to camp out and enjoy the evening bonfire and stars.

The weekend came, and it was perfect!  Several planes camped out the night before, and the pancake breakfast was a huge success!  Ron and Sandy Leavitt, and all their kids and grandkids, were there and pitched in to make it a wonderful welcome to the pilots that flew in!  Scrambled eggs, sausages, pancakes and of course coffee rounded out the breakfast feast, and they were ready for us as the planes started rolling in!

I lost count at around 25+ planes, but it was well supported and appreciated by everyone that came!  Many of the Leavitt grandkids were very keen on the different types of planes, and I know that I personally took up a nice young man of 11, and his 14-year-old sister for rides!  How can one resist young people interested in aviation?  It’s the perfect way to kindle the passion, and the young lady I flew with already had her whole plan laid out in her head on how she was going to make it to the airlines.  Bravo!  Having a firm plan and passion at that age is remarkable, and I was happy to help.  It follows right in with the AZ Pilots Association's Scholarship program, and I made sure that her mom and dad knew about it!

I believe that the Leavitt's will host another fly-in in the fall, and I would strongly urge any of you that did not come this time, to come on out this fall!  What a great spot.  And it sounds like we will see some upgrades and improvements that the family has planned!

better late than never propwash success 1

better late than never propwash success 2

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