It’s October in Arizona. As the rest of the country starts to buckle down and prep for winter, we’re putting the final polish on our planes and planning weekend destinations. Arizona is unique in that we are blessed with so many amazing destinations. With 80+ public-use airports to choose from, a growing list of backcountry airstrips, and nearby states with airports close to the border, there just aren’t enough weekends to explore them all! Your APA has been hard at work planning exciting destinations. The next destination flyout is to the Trinity Site on the White Sands Missile Range. This is a rare opportunity to visit a truly monumental historic site. Of course, we won’t just stop there; visits to the Space Museum and quirky Pistachioland in nearby Alamogordo are also planned. If you’re looking for something fun and on a budget, we’re planning an amazing low-cost day trip with details soon to be released. The backcountry season is also back with monthly fly-ins to Grapevine and APA weekends at Pleasant Valley (Young) and Double Circle. Please check the calendar on our site under the Events tab, find something that interests you, and enjoy.

 I was able to attend the AOPA fly-in at Santa Fe last month and met with folks from several regional flying organizations. They all had wonderful (and a bit flattering) things to say about APA. From our legislative efforts in support of Arizona airports, to the Forest Service and BLM relationships we’ve carefully fostered over the past few years, APA is actively advocating for General Aviation in Arizona. Our getaways are the envy of other states’ aviation associations and are serving as a model for them. I couldn’t be more proud. Your membership truly makes this possible. When you are out with friends, or visiting airports, help spread the word about APA and encourage others to join as well. At about the price of a single meal at a restaurant, APA membership is really one of the best bargains in aviation. Your dues fund service projects, supplies at our backcountry strips, the technology required to run the Association, and of course the legal things like insurance. APA has no paid positions – the work is done by a volunteer board and committees out of a true passion for aviation. Thank you for being a part of it!

Blue Skies,

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