For Arizona pilots, the summer season means we're up a lot earlier than normal and we seem to be scraping less bugs off since we're flying higher than during the winter months. Whatever keeps us flying...

We had a great winter filled with several backcountry events, getaways, local flying and an amazing Copperstate Fly-In. Even with this all behind us, Summer doesn't mean APA is slowing down. The Annual Meeting is happening May 18th and we truly hope to see you there. We're excited about the changes and improvements to the meeting venue and format and look forward to hearing feedback from you. APA continues to sponsor safety initiatives through GAARMS and FAAST team seminars around the state to help you stay current and safe in the cockpit.

If you haven't visited our updated website lately, head on over to and check it out. We've updated our website recently with some additional videos for our backcountry airstrips and added an interactive map that offers even more information for these strips.

I hope to meet you at our Annual Meeting and again at your airport!

Blue Skies,


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