I sincerely hope you’ve been able to take advantage of our extended Spring weather by smashing bugs, camping with your plane, or simply enjoying a fly in pancake breakfast with friends. We’ve been blessed with a wonderful flying season. May brings about our Annual Meeting, and this year we held it at Casino Arizona. Our meeting room was packed to capacity as we conducted the annual business. We were able to report on some great progress we’ve had over the past year. Cary Grant delivered an entertaining keynote speech. I learned things about Williams Field, when it was an AFB, that I never knew!  The buffet at the end was excellent. I would like to personally welcome Chris Nugent to our Board of Directors. Chris has enjoyed a multi-decade career in the aerospace industry and will be applying his leadership experience as our scholarship committee lead. This past year, we put a focus on scholarships and the community came forward with record support. We were able to present six scholarships to young folks entering the aviation business. We’d like to continue that momentum this year. Jim Timm explains how to help out in his report below.

While on the topic of the annual meeting, we noted that APA’s board is comprised entirely of volunteer folks. We also emphasized that the monumental efforts undertaken at Grapevine were led and conducted entirely by volunteers. We worked with well over 100 volunteers who donated DNA to that strip. The getaways and weekend trips were organized by volunteers. In fact, everything that happens at APA is done by volunteers. Many APA members have expressed interest in volunteering.  If one of those members was you, I’d like to take you up on that offer by asking you to donate some of your precious time. We currently need camp hosts at some of the backcountry strips during our twice-yearly events. This would only require two flying weekends per year. APA supplies everything but your labor. We also need some help on the communications team, some help with APA merchandise handling/ordering. We could use some leadership to drive some minor improvement projects at APA-supported strips. Again, APA provides the materials, but we are looking for folks willing to step in and coordinate the projects. There are also several admin-related tasks that we’d love to have some help with. Please reach out to me (or anybody on the board) if you’re willing to lend a hand with one or more of these items. Our email addresses can be found here.

I spoke with several members after the meeting and discussed local issues at airports as well as some ideas for APA to consider. If you were unable to attend, I invite you to make plans to attend next year’s annual meeting. I also would like to hear feedback from you about how we’re doing and what you’d like to see from us. Please let us know what you think. Thank you!


Blue Skies,


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