With triple-digits in much of the state, the sound of airplane engines is starting much earlier in the morning. The thought of sweating it out in a flying greenhouse isn’t too appealing. It is sometimes easier just to schedule flights for later this fall.  There are a few ways to stay involved in aviation and remain safe while your plane remains grounded.

Attend WINGS training and FAAST seminars. These are conducted year-round and all over Arizona. These seminars cover topics from communication with ATC to off-field practices to emergency procedures and nearly every other aviation related topic. Did I mention they are free? Stay current in your knowledge of aviation by participating in these opportunities. If you haven’t already done so, create an account at You’ll get regular notices of opportunities near you.

Another habit to stay current in is flight planning. Use charts or your favorite EFB to plan out your next trip or vacation. Plan the whole thing. Fuel stops, route, weather briefing, weight and balance, takeoff and landing distances, and alternate airports. This helps you maintain “muscle memory” of the process while also keeping your head in aviation. The bonus is that when you start flying again, you’ve done most of the legwork for some epic trips.

The point is to stay safe and to stay current. Our membership is among the safest in aviation and we should be proud of that. We should also aim to maintain it.

If you are still out flying, check out our online calendar that is still filled with fly-ins and events around the state through the summer.


Blue Skies,


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