The winter flying season is in full swing here in State 48 and I’ve seen a ton of pilots enjoying the heck out of it. The January Grapevine campout saw many new visitors and APA members willing to get their hands dirty constructing erosion control measures, moving rocks, and doing general runway maintenance. We had a record number of Sunday morning arrivals, to boot! It was refreshing to see how far Grapevine has come and how much it means to the flying community.

president report tina buskirk ruth reinhold award 2021

The APA was fortunate to award 8 scholarships this year due ENTIRELY to volunteer donations. I can’t thank you enough for funding this amazing program to help kickstart careers in aviation for some incredibly talented youth. This year’s application pool was proof positive there are some wonderfully motivated folks working hard to get into commercial aviation. While membership dues help cover part of the cost of the scholarships, donations made specifically to the scholarship fund are the primary vehicle for this valuable program. Thank you for supporting it. Thank you for believing in these youth and supporting their goals of an aviation career. It would be pretty cool if one day soon, one of them is working on your annual for you or taking you across the country commercially because of your donation. Thank you.

During the online Aviation Safety Advisory Group annual awards banquet, the APA was proud to present the Ruth Reinhold Award to Tina Buskirk of the Scottsdale FSDO for her continuous and long-term support of aviation safety in Arizona. Her support of the GAARMS and FAAST seminars for the WINGS program go hand in hand with our mission of promoting aviation safety. Please join me in congratulating Tina on earning this award.

Lastly, our annual meeting was postponed last year for obvious reasons and we are currently exploring our options for responsibly hosting one this year. In the meantime, we will be holding elections for a few of the APA Board of Director terms that are expiring. Please stay tuned to APA for an electronic election later this Spring in which we’ll ask for your input to vote on Board members. If you are interested in helping to guide and lead this organization as part of the board, please email me to let me know. I will be happy to answer questions you have so your name can be added to the ballot. Our contact info can be found here.

Get out to fly, stay safe, and have fun! After all, that’s why we fly.

Blue Skies,


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