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It's hot...already...  So, to briefly escape the heat, we're going underground!  Our next APA Weekend Getaway event will be a tour of the Copper Queen Mine in Bisbee, AZ (P04) on Sunday, May 27th.  Normally, I try to schedule our events for the 4th Saturday in the month.  However, this month, our annual APA Membership Meeting is Saturday, May 26th.  So, I figured we'd simply fly the next day.  Here's the scoop:

Arrive:  Sunday, 5/27 by 8:15 AM (1515Z).  Flying from Chandler, my home airport, one possible route would be KCHD-P29-P04.  That's only 152 nm. and will take about an hour in my plane.

FBO @ destination:  Copper City Aviation; contact Eric @ (520)266-0515; currently 100LL = $5.30/gal.

Ground transportation:  Sassy Transport; contact Sandra @ (520)266-2149; 10-11 pax van; normal rate from airport is $12/1-way + $3/pax more than one.  Will negotiate group rate after known headcount.

Breakfast:  Bisbee Breakfast Club (~2.5 mi. from P04) @ 8:30 AM.

Copper Queen Tour:  10:30-11:45 AM  $14/adult, $5.50/kids; contact Connie @ (520)432-2071; be at tour office 30 min. prior to tour

Lunch - uptown in Old Bisbee:  12:00-1:15 PM, Mexican - Santiagos OR American - Bisbee Grill

Depart:  1:45-??? PM

BisbeeCopperMine.jpgEarlier, I said we'd escape the heat by going underground.  Well, the year-round temperature in the mine is ~47 deg. F.  And, the tour lasts 1:15...  So, dress appropriately.

As your stalwart trip leader, I'll call for ground transportation shortly after we arrive.  (The "contact" information mentioned above is more for my benefit than yours.)  Although theBisbee Breakfast Club isn't too far from the airport, I suspect that most folks will want to ride rather than walk.  after breakfast, we'll head into Old Bisbee and check in at the tour office.  For our event, the mine tour is the major attraction.  However, Bisbee has a museum as well as numerous shops, etc.  So, some folks may elect to delay their departure and enjoy more of historic Bisbee before heading home.  Of course, if you delayed until after sundown, your flight would be a lot smoother!" >  Personally, I'll probably head home after lunch...and endure the "bumps".

If you’re interested in joining us, please send me an email.  (To minimize last-minute phone calls, etc., early responses would be appreciated!)  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 480-776-9358.  In your email, please indicate where you'd like to eat lunch:  Santiagos or Bisbee Grill.  I'll attempt to make a reservation according to the majority vote.

As is the case on all of our Weekend Getaway Flights, you are PIC and responsible for all aspects of flight planning, including (but not limited to) weather, routing, and aircraft performance.  The go/no-go decision is entirely yours!  As volunteer trip leader, I’ve selected a destination and will arrange a few details like transportation and possible restaurant (or lodging) reservations that do not involve money.

Blue skies & tailwinds,


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