Craig Albright, Cirrus N857CD @ KCHD, CFI/II

Here’s a quick report on our previous Weekend Getaway flight to Bullhead City, AZ and an opportunity to join us in Page, AZ for an excursion to Antelope Slot Canyon on Saturday, 4/28.

PIREP: Bullhead City, AZ

BullheadCity1.jpgOn Saturday, 2/25, eight folks climbed into three aircraft and enjoyed the day at Bullhead City, AZ. What’s in Bullhead City? Besides an array of gambling resorts, the Colorado River offers some easy­

While paddling leisurely down the river, we spotted a couple of big-horned sheep, about a zillion ducks and various aquatic birds and…a few tourists donating to the local economy.

Next Weekend Getaway: Page, AZ on April 28th for a (rescheduled) trip to Antelope Slot Canyon

Back in December, Mother Nature’s winter weather prompted us to cancel our sight-seeing trip to Page, AZ and their famous slot canyons. However, April holds promise -- let’s head north! I’ll contact Chief Tsosie's again to arrange for an afternoon tour of Antelope Slot Canyon. For folks who may be unfamiliar with the picturesque beauty of this area, you can check out their website. The canyons are on the Navajo reservation, and guided tours are conducted by Native Americans. By all means, bring a camera on this "getaway"!

Here's a rough itinerary; I'll provide a few more details as we near our departure date:

Plan to land at Page, AZ (KPGA) by 10:30 AM (or 1730 Zulu) on Saturday, 4/28. Shortly after our 10:30 AM arrival, I'll call for transportation.

Using Express Shuttle (928-645-9596), a local taxi service, we will head downtown for an 11:30 AM lunch. The 1-way cost from the airport is $3/person.

BullheadCity2.jpgI'm considering a couple of different locations for lunch. Chief Tsosie (the T is silent, by the way) recommended a place named Cherry 7 which is practically next door. On the other hand, I recently received a recommendation for a local Mexican restaurant in downtown Page. So, the jury is still out on a lunch location... However, I plan to make lunch reservations for our group prior to our arrival.

After lunch, we can walk over to Chief Tsosie's in time for their 1:00 PM tour -- they'll be expecting us. This time of year, the slot canyon lighting is about the same for morning and afternoon tours. And, there are usually fewer people in the afternoon. So, the 1:00 PM tour looks like our best choice. After everyone pays for their tour, we head to the canyon!

Chief Tsosie has several types of tours. (Again, look at their website for details.) To keep costs down, I'm planning on the 1.5 hr. "scenic" tour. Normally, the price is $32.25/person. Previously, they were willing to give us a 10% group discount. I’ll reconfirm…

They provide transportation to/from Antelope Canyon from their office in downtown Page. And, they have several different vehicles, depending upon group size.

After returning from the slot canyon tour, I'll contact Express Shuttle again for a ride back to the airport.

If you’re interested in joining us, please send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (To minimize last-minute phone calls to Tsosie, etc., early responses would be appreciated!) If you have questions, don’t hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 480-776-9358. (My wife and I are flying to California with friends and will be gone for a couple of weeks. However, I expect to have internet access during the trip. And, we will return to AZ by the end of March.)

Small caveat… As is the case on all of our Weekend Getaway Flights, you are PIC and responsible for all aspects of flight planning, including (but not limited to) weather, routing, and aircraft performance. The go/no-go decision is entirely yours! As volunteer trip leader, I’ve selected a destination and will arrange a few details like transportation and possible restaurant (or lodging) reservations that do not involve money.

An aside… Remember that APA events like this are tax-deductible! And, membership is only $25/year! So, if you have a pilot friend who would also like to join us, have him/her become a member prior to the trip. They will save more than their membership fee on the very first flight!

Blue skies & tailwinds,


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