Hi, everyone!


Based on the responses I received from last month's APA newsletter, it appears that folks would like to fly down to Tombstone, AZ in October.  So, after a little investigation at my end, here's a rough itinerary:

Arrive:  Saturday, 10/20 by 9:00 AM (1600Z).  Flying from Chandler, my home 'drome, one possible route would be KCHD - P29.  That's only 132 nm.

FBO @ destination:  None; fuel =  None; airport mgr:  Tess @ (520)235-5843.

Ground transportation:  TBD at this point.  I'm awaiting a return phone call from Tess, the airport manager...  According to Tombstone's City Hall, they don't have a formal taxi.  And, the phone numbers listed in AirNav.com and ForeFlight aren't valid.

Breakfast:  None.  I suggest eating prior to departure.

Lunch:  Big Nose Kate's Saloon and Cafe Margarita received excellent reviews in TripAdvisor.  I anticipate that we'll have lunch at midday.

Activities:  A variety of walking tours -- Good Enough Mine Tour ($15/person), Tombstone Courthouse/State Park, Allen Street, Birdcage Theater, Crystal Palace, O.K. Corral, Wyatt Earp Theater, Boot Hill Cemetery, and/or Tombstone Epitaph.  Of course, we don't have to visit all of these!  And, depending upon personal preferences, we may or may not tour as a herd...er...group.  You might find yourself enchanted by a particular piece of history and elect to spend more time at one attraction than another.  That's fine!  I've listed the attractions in the rank order provided by TripAdvisor...

Depart:  Mid afternoon


If you’re interested in joining us, please send me an email.  (To minimize last-minute phone calls, etc., early responses would be appreciated!)  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (480)776-9358.  Before contacting me, consider looking on-line to determine your restaurant preference for lunch.  If we have a large group, I'll attempt to make a reservation.

As is the case on all of our Weekend Getaway Flights, you are PIC and responsible for all aspects of flight planning, including (but not limited to) weather, routing, and aircraft performance.  The go/no-go decision is entirely yours!  As volunteer trip leader, I’ve selected a destination and will arrange a few details like transportation and possible restaurant (or lodging) reservations that do not involve money.

An aside…  Remember that APA events like this are tax-deductible!  And, membership is only $25/year!  So, if you have a pilot friend who would also like to join us, have him/her become a member prior to the trip.  They would save more than their membership fee on the very first flight!

Blue skies & tailwinds,

Craig Albright, Secretary
Arizona Pilots Association
480-776-9358 (cell)
PS -- My apologies to the Phoenix Chapter of Flying Samaritans.  I realize that this is their clinic weekend in Baja.  Unfortunately, I have a schedule conflict for the following weekend.  However, come November, we'll resume our "4th weekend of the month" schedule. 

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