October 29, 2013




25 pilots and spouses of the Arizona Pilots Association held their first Social Hour on October 29th at K O’Donnell’s Bar & Grille in Scottsdale. This was the first of what we hope will become a quarterly meet and greet event for our organization.

The focus was to come together in a social setting and get “away from the hangar”. The venue was a no host menu and raffle where $100 went to the APA Scholarship Fund.

Raffle winners were Kyle & Elyssa Graves and Mike & Sharon Brownlie who each received a $25 Gift Certificate from K O’Donnell’s . Al Otto took home a bottle of Italian red wine while Bob Hall won a Sporty’s iPad kneeboard (minus the iPad) .


We’ll also had a short presentation by Dave Fleming who relayed a ‘behind the scenes’ look at what happened after 9/11 and how NATO aircraft protected US sovereign airspace for more than 11 months following the attack; something none of us were aware of.

There was plenty of food, beverages and ‘flying stories’, so please check our website http://azpilots.org and join us in February for our next APA Social Hour.


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