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Back to Basics Safety and Education Program
Decision Making - Takeoff Distance and Landing Rollout
Saturday, January 11, 2014 at 9:00AM
Pleasant Valley/Turf Airport (P48)

Please come out this Saturday and participate in a Second Saturday Back to Basics Safety and Education program. Back to Basics will take place every Second Saturday throughout 2014 and will focus on a new topic each month. This month the topic is Aeronautical Decision Making and Risk analysis, and we will introduce a practical way to use PAVE and IMSAFE to build a quick and easy mission planning tool to make sure we have covered all requirements before flight.

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After the Academics session, we will venture out and measure our takeoff distance. Many of our aircraft are far different than they were when the factory built the charts and it is helpful to know exactly how long it takes your aircraft to lift off. Of course this changes based on load and environmental conditions, but this will give us a baseline to begin.

The MOUNTAIN FLYING BIBLE offers a rule of thumb for takeoff distance. When the runway length is doubtful, mark the midpoint of the runway. IF 71% of the takeoff speed is obtained at the 50% point on the runway, sufficient runway is available for the takeoff. IF NOT, abort the takeoff and wait for better conditions. (Cooler temperature, more headwind, or off load some passengers and baggage and make multiple trips to get everyone out.)

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After the takeoff exercise, we will visit two strips that will be marked with touchdown zones. This will allow spot landing practice and landing roll measurement. The aim of the exercise is knowledge not competition. The only person you will be competing with is yourself, and the goal of the Second Saturday program is to build and measure your ability as the year progresses.

To date we have about ten aircraft that have responded including C-170, C-182, Huskies, Super Cub, and Carbon Cub. Bring your aircraft and come enjoy this fantastic Arizona weather while increasing your knowledge and currency.

Meet at the classroom on the North Side of the airport. 

Please email RSVP to David Dunteman:

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