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La Garita Creek Ranch Fly-In
May 30-June 1

Hello CPA members,
We're kicking off the flying season here in Colorado with our second annual fly-in at La Garita Creek Ranch. Located in the San Luis Valley, it's a pilots playground for backcountry airstrips and flying fun. Hooper Sand Dunes Pool has also invited the group back for lunch and a warm soak.

The ranch was officially re-opened last summer after much work to improve the runway, new windsocks, and facility upgrades. The location is impressive, about 10 miles North of Del Norte, CO. The La Garita Creek runs through the property providing for lot's of shade trees and fishing. Overnight guests can camp in a tent or stay in one of the many cabins (reasonable rates). Cabins are first come first serve (going fast), and plenty of tent sites available throughout the property.

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Here is a list of all the planned happenings:
Friday Nite - May 30: Dinner at La Garita Trading Post Restaurant - Courtesy transportation provided. 
Saturday May 31 - Morning Fly-out to nearby backcoutry airstrips (Morning Shadows, Quarter Circle Circle, & others ;) Then lunch/soak at Hooper Sand Dunes Pool.
Saturday Nite: Catered BBQ Dinner in the lodge back on the ranch. (you wont go hungry at this fly-in)
Sunday June 1: insert your own flight plan here 

A few basics on the airstrip: RWY 09/27, 3400ft runway (2600ft improved, 800ft natural rough grass), 8050 ft MSL (high DA!), lots of aircraft parking. CTAF 122.9 Preferred landing is to the West and takeoff to the East. This is a strip where good pilot skills and mountain experience is required.

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Here is a complete guide including maps and photos to some of the airstrips listed:

La Garita Creek Ranch: http://www.flycolorado.org/index.php/airstrip-database/private-airports/la-garita-creek/

Hooper Sand Dunes Pool: http://www.flycolorado.org/index.php/airstrip-database/private-airports/hooper-sand-dunes-pool/

Quarter Circle Circle BLM: http://www.flycolorado.org/index.php/airstrip-database/blm-airports/quarter-circle-circle/

Last year the event was well attended and had everything from Cessna 185's, to Carbon Cub's to Stinsons and Cessna 182's (even a Piper Comanche). High density altitude and mountain flying conditions will exist, so please be prepared. Shuttle to the ranch available from nearby paved airports including Del Norte (8V1) and Leach (1V8) with prior notice.

If you are planning on attending, you must register for the fly-in and sign the wavier (if you haven't done so in the past): http://www.flycolorado.org/index.php/locals-corner/la-garita-creek-fly/

Cabin rentals / lodging can be found on the top right link here:

A photo gallery from the 2013 fall fly-in:

If you have any questions, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Look forward to seeing you there!

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