Approach 26 Inde

By Kit McCloud

“I always thought every day was a gift, but now I am looking for where to send the thank you note.”
~Randy Pausch

From the Hill

I know where to send my thank you note for at least one very special day. THANK YOU JOHN MABRYof Inde Motorsports! To say he made my day is not enough.
A day outing to Inde Motorsports is to be envied by all aviation and race enthusiasts alike.

The fly-in on Saturday, April 18th was amazing. The fantastic facility, the staff, and particularly John Mabry can’t be appreciated by the written word. YOU JUST GOTTA GO THERE!

Corvette F4

Make your reservation, announce yourself as you get into the pattern for their FAA tower, and they will clear the track so you can land on the straight away/runway. Back taxi and follow your escort to a tie down. Hop aboard and two shakes of a lamb’s tail later you’re at the main staging area.
John gave us a tour of the facility which included hangars full of every kind of collectible and race car imaginable. We also got a peek at a very small portion of the owner, Mr. Graham Dorland’s, collection of Apache artifacts and photos. Well known in the business world, since he retired he has taken up many philanthropic endeavors, including a soon to open museum for the Apache Nation.

John in the Tower

An extensive overview of the track and facility was provided by John. One of the things I learned is safety is paramount here. During practice heats, only five cars are allowed on the track at one time. We were treated to rides in both a Porsche Cayman S and a McLaren MP4-12C Spider in several heats. I never realized that those Caymans I see “putzing” around town have 325hp, with a top speed of 175mph. Think about that all you “slow and low” big wheels guys. Sitting just inches from the ground makes it seem even soooooo much faster. YIKES! I must admit, I don’t see too many of the 600hp McLarens around. Probably because they can fly by me at 207mph. Just a blur.

Kit McLaren

Along with the rides, we enjoyed a terrific Mexican lunch at the facilities indoor/outdoor café and a view of the track from both the control tower and a hillside, glass enclosed patio where we could watch a few sportsmen utilizing the shooting range. What? Yep. A shooting range.
“But, wait, that’s not all….” Mr. Dorland has a collection of war birds on display. Each is lovingly restored and in bristol condition. They are washed and waxed more regularly than my car.

Members cars

I could go on and on and on. Just go. Fly. Drive. Bring your car to try on the track… Just go.


Cigar Hill



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