APA Getaway Fly-in to Guaymas, Mexico
February 5-7 (NEW DATE)
By Brad Lawrence

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We already have over a dozen airplanes signed up for the fly-in to Guaymas and more are coming. This should be a very smooth operation and a lot of fun especially for the first timers experiencing Mexico. As you read in the Dec 2015 APA Newsletter, the long term items for preparation were the 2016 US Customs Decals ($27.50 – DTOPS), 12” registration letters, Mexican Insurance, and signing up for eAPIS (get a Sender ID and Password) . Please refer to the APA Guaymas Procedures presentation for a brief overview of how to prepare and what to expect when we fly to Guaymas. If you follow this, you will have a pleasant experience. You will also need the Mexico eAPIS Spreadsheet for emailing to Mexico prior to your flight. All these procedures may sound complicated, but they’re not. Just make sure you bring hard copies of everything and you’ll be fine. Scanned copies of pilot and airplane docs are perfect.

Some people have indicated they would like to go early or stay later than the typical “out on Saturday morning and back on Sunday afternoon” routine. I am going to organize based on either a Friday-Sunday trip or a Saturday-Sunday trip. Let me know your intentions. I’ll be organizing rental cars amongst us, so as to optimize the number of cars needed. BTW, rental cars will maximize our flexibility and minimize the costs.

Make your reservations at the Hotel Armida http://www.hotelarmida.com.mx/

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The Getaway should be a lot of fun for everyone. You will have plenty of time on Sunday to clear customs, fly home and be ready for the Super Bowl.

Please send me your sign up information (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 602-460-4286)

Name Phone# Email
Interest (med/high) Past trips to Mexico (Y/N) Tail #
Passenger(s) Departing a/p Open plane seats
Renting a car at airport (Y / N)

Please also complete and send in a Liability Waiver, available online here.

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