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The Austermiller "Breakfast Club"

By Kit McCloud

On Sunday, December 12, Daryl and Karen Austermiller (Prescott) “summoned” some flying friends to join them for breakfast in Payson at the restaurant on the field. It was a good turn out on this crystal clear morning with several hungry aviators making the trek. What a delightful view of the Mogollon Rim covered with snow as a backdrop. Even the aprons and sidewalks at Payson were a little icy, but indeed a beautiful and invigorating morning. The conversation and the pancakes were excellent.

Daryl had a small group of invitees, but I’m sure he would welcome all aviators to join in on future breakfast outings. These are ad hoc and could have as little as a couple of days’ notice, or just a day, or maybe even the night before; he’ll send out the destination and ETA. In any case, if you’re up for it, send your email address to Daryl (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). On this day, the following pilots joined the Austermillers: Roger Heindorffer, Bill Bohannan and Lynn Brown, Dave Cartier, Kent Henry, Chuck Fryer, Brad Lawrence and Kit Murphy, Steve Bobko-Hillenaar and Ron Taggart, Duane Fredrickson, Don Bodnar and Tracy Weaver, and Paul and Charlie Pitkin.
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