Many fellow fliers look with envy at the impressive array of backcountry fly-ins that the Arizona Pilots Association and Recreational Aviation Foundation have put together in the Arizona backcountry. While these fly-ins sure look like a lot of fun, the sad reality is that with low wings and a low-slung prop, many of our airplanes could never be confused for backcountry machines. While the majority of our backcountry airstrips will accommodate these aircraft, many aircraft owners prefer to not risk the chips and dings possible on these airstrips. Consequently camping adventures tend to be reserved for those folks with taildragging, short/rough field airplanes.

For those who are in the same boat as us, (you know who you are, but don’t despair!) Arizona aviators are fortunate to have one of the absolute best air camping facilities in the country just sixty miles or so northeast of Phoenix, as the crow flies, up in Payson, Arizona. Best of all… this campground is right in the middle of a modern municipal airport, Payson Regional Airport (KPAN). Payson features a 5,500’ x 75’ paved and lighted runway with plenty of paved parking right next to the campground as well. Come with room in the fuel tanks, as Payson features some of the cheapest 100LL prices in the state.

We are now finishing the planning for our annual APA/RAF Payson Fly-In and Air Camping Weekend, which will be held on April 6-8. Throw your tent and sleeping bag in the plane and join us Saturday night for a potluck dinner and overnight stay at the campground. You can camp just a few feet from your airplane, and we are going to have a happy hour, potluck dinner, and then enjoy the sounds of some of our more talented members who moonlight as amateur guitar and banjo pickers. It is tradition that many of our campground chefs will be bringing their trusty Dutch ovens and try out some of their best chuck wagon recipes for everyone. Don’t know how to cook? No problem, as Payson is also the home of one of the best airport restaurants, the Crosswinds Café.


For those who have never been air camping at Payson, (or even air camping at all!) you couldn’t find a better place to “go backcountry” for the first time. Payson Airport Campground features individual campsites right next to the paved aircraft ramp, fire rings with free firewood, grills, running water, real bathrooms (you know…the kind that have sinks and flushing toilets) as well as HOT showers! Sure, you can tell all your friends that you were “roughing it,” but only you and your fellow air campers will know the true story. The campground has the best views of the spectacular Mogollon Rim in the state!

If you want to stay overnight, but your idea of “roughing it” is a Holiday Inn, then come up anyway. Payson has dozens of motels in every price range, and the Airport Manager has reserved the courtesy car for the group, so we can shuttle people back and forth to the airport.

Children are ALWAYS welcome at our fly-ins. The kids have plenty of room to roam at KPAN, and we always stock up on marshmallows, graham crackers, and Hershey bars for the kids to enjoy s’mores by the campfire. So, load the kids and grandkids up in your plane and bring them along! The cost of the weekend - nothing but your gas and food. The memories that you will make with them – PRICELESS!

So, APA’ers…it is time to pull the plane out of the hangar and set a course for Payson the first weekend in April to join your fellow APA’ers for some fun and fellowship around the campfire.



I spoke with Mr. Law over at the Payson Airport and they are very happy that we are coming back to Payson with the fly-in.  He will arrange to have the following facility items ready for us when we arrive:

  1. Campground - The air campground is reserved for our group.
  2. Picnic Shelter - The shelter is reserved for our group for the entire weekend.
  3. Firewood - Mr. Law and Mr. Deuker will re-stock the firewood rack with enough firewood for the weekend.
  4. Courtesy Car - Mr. Law will reserve the courtesy car for our group from Friday night until Sunday afternoon.
  5. Ramp Space - We will have use of the entire air campground paved parking ramp from Friday-Sunday.
  6. Bathrooms/Showers - Will be ready and heated for the weekend.
  7. Giant Grill - Mr. Pitken will be bringing over the PPA grill for use Saturday night.


Friday Night - Camping and meals on your own for those who arrive early

Saturday - Everyone arrives and sets up camp

Saturday Afternoon - Free time to visit other local area backcountry strips.

Saturday Lunch - Either group lunch at Crosswinds Cafe or we can burn up some burgers at the campsite.

Saturday Evening - Happy Hour, Dutch Oven Pot Luck Dinner & Entertainment around the campfire.

Sunday Morning - Hot Coffee station supplied by me at the picnic shelter.  I will also supply donuts, etc.

Sunday - Pack up and fly home.


Mr. Thomason has contacted and received confirmation that the gentleman who played guitar for us a few years ago will indeed return and play again.

I have contacted Mr. Thomas from the Grumman group and he will be bringing his guitar and banjo.

Everyone is encouraged to bring their instruments to play. 


For further information, you can e-mail James Nebrig at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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