AZ Scholarship Winner Takes Flight in the Backcountry    By Rick Bosshardt      As many of you who attended the “sold out” Arizona Pilots Association’s Annual Meeting on May 13th know, we awarded three Scholarships to deserving young pilots-to-be.  From these immensely talented and motivated high school students, who are
Read more: AZ Pilots Association Gives ,000 in ScholarshipsAZ Pilots Association Gives $6,000 in Scholarships    By Andrew Vogeney    As a part of our mission to support sustained GA in Arizona, the Arizona Pilots Association awarded three scholarships during our Annual Meeting. This year we are supporting three deserving high school students with a total of $6,000 toward their aviation educations! Each of our
Desert Wildwater Study by Jan Schiffer Read more: Desert Wildwater Study The initial "Wildwater" project was based on the idea what we needed a desert foothills landscape where we could look at how wildlife communities are shaped by seasonal water availability in a "water limited ecosystem" (aka desert). In other words, how does water shape ecosystems and communities - including perennial
2016 APA SCHOLARSHIPS Read more: 2016 APA Scholarships by Jim Timm Early each year, for the past few years, The Arizona Pilots Association has made a couple of scholarships available to qualified and deserving aviation program students at the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) location at Williams Gateway Airport in Mesa to assist the students in pursuing their aviation careers. This
2015 APA Scholarship Recipient Dylan Kuchan by Andrew Vogeney   Read more: 2015 APA Scholarship Recipient Dylan Kuchan It's crazy to think it was nearly 11 years ago that I earned my pilot's license, just a few weeks before graduating high school back in New York. I was so fortunate to have attended a half-day program in high school that funded a great deal of my training. So when Stefanie and Jim asked me to join the
Read more: 2016 Membership Drive Dear Arizona Pilots, The mission of the Arizona Pilots Association (APA) is to act as the unified voice of general aviation in Arizona to preserve and protect our shared interests as pilots within the state. I am writing to share what the APA has been doing for the Arizona Aviator. We realize that results count, and with membership growing by nearly 50% in the last two
Pilots Win Lawsuit Against City of Glendale Arizona  March 28, 2016 - After a four and a half (4 1/2) year dispute with the City of Glendale Arizona, the Glendale Airport Pilots Association (GAPA) has won a Motion for Summary Judgment against the city, stopping the city’s attempts to dictate the usage of privately owned hangar spaces on the airport. According to
BIOGRAPHIES OF CANDIDATES FOR APA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Rick Bosshardt Rick grew up in both the USA and Switzerland, to a Swiss father and American mother. He is a dual citizen who speaks three languages, and graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree from Cornell University. His career has spanned more than three decades as an Executive Sales VP of various different High
APA Members Make a Difference! Read more: Aviation Tax Increase Intercepted SB1174 - APA Members Make a Difference! Aviation Tax Increase Intercepted (SB1174)  By Mark Spencer When someone asks me why they should be a member of the APA, I’ll have the perfect example to share with them. No other organization in Arizona was able to react as quickly as the APA and its members to alter the course of a very extensive and serious bill that appeared
Boy Scout Aviation "Camporee" - Calling all pilots! Nov. 15th & 16th at KFFZ (Falcon Field) 10/28/2013 - Fellow pilots, the north Mesa LDS (Latter Day Saints) BSA Scouts ages 11-13 have chosen aviation as the theme for their scout camporee this year. The boys will be camping out Friday night Nov 15th at falcon field park near the old blue water tower. On Saturday