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Last month’s focus on Show Low offered pilots a great entry point to the White Mountains for everything the mountains and the town has to offer. This month we’ll move a little further to the east and take a look at the smaller town of Springerville (KJTC). Not only does the location of this airport offer another entry point to the White Mountains, there are fantastic
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With the summer heat in full swing in central Arizona, many of us begin to look towards the Northern Arizona airports for some relief. How about Show Low? While it’s not quite “Northern,” it still fits the bill nicely. On the edge of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest and near the White Mountains, Show Low can be the weekend getaway you’re looking for when escaping the
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The recent AZ Airport Focus articles have focused on what to do around the airport, based on what the communities have to offer. This month is different, and we’ll focus on the nothingness around this particular airport. In this case, getting there is getting away, and it can be pure bliss. As much of our membership can attest, the Grapevine airstrip (88AZ) on the southwest
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Arizona is marked by incredibly rugged terrain, rustic beauty and insanely brilliant landscape. In fact, there are three National Parks in Arizona: The Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest and Saguaro. Arizona typifies the Old West seen in movies over the last 75 years. Fortunately, that rustic Old West look and feel is still very much alive today throughout the state. The remote
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Copper is one of the staple industries in Arizona. It has played, and still plays, an important role in our state, as more than 68% of the copper used in the United States in 2017 came from Arizona. Ask any state legislator what the 3 C’s of Arizona are and they’ll tell you “Coper, Cotton and Cattle!” Copper was first mined in Bagdad back in 1882 and is still being mined
  Yuma International Airport, Yuma, Arizona (NYL)  By Brian Schober    Yuma is truly a unique place steeped in history and lore. Yuma is the source material for countless movies and novels about the Wild West. It also has a rich history that spans centuries and was crucial to America’s power. The area got a head start on history with Europeans
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Benson Municipal Airport (E95)  By Brian Schober    Our next installment of highlighting Arizona airports takes us to Benson (E95). Benson Municipal Airport is about three miles northwest the city of Benson and about 30 miles east of Tucson in Arizona’s southern tier. Benson’s airport hasn’t always been at the current location. Records show that around 1930
Read more: Kingman Airport, Kingman Arizona Kingman Airport, Kingman Arizona  By Brian Schober      The US Army Air Forces played a major role in developing many of Arizona’s current and long-gone airports. Kingman’s airport is no exception. The US Army Air Forces had a need to train gunnery crews assigned to the newly-developed B-17 Flying Fortresses and an unpopulated 4,000+ acres
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Cottonwood (P52) By Brian Schober.  This is the first in a series of articles highlighting unique and fun Arizona general aviation airports. This month, we are highlighting the Cottonwood airport, P52. The scenic and historic town of Cottonwood lies approximately 100 miles North of Phoenix or about 50 miles Southwest of Flagstaff. The airport was originally