Grapevine will be CLOSED in April due to: SPECIAL USE AIRSPACE TEMPORARY MILITARY OPERATIONS AREA Effective Dates: April 7 – 20, 2013. The ROOSEVELT LAKE Temporary Military Operations Area (MOA), over Roosevelt Lake in the Tonto National Forest in eastern Arizona, supports the annual Air Combat Command Exercise ANGEL THUNDER. The exercise is designed to provide Combat Search
Airplane Camping at Grapevine Airstrip (Jan 2013)Read more: Grapevine Fly-In Video By Mike Marker  Camping with our RV-4 at Grapevine Az. The Arizona Pilot’s Association (APA) and The Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) have negotiated approval for public use of Grapevine Airstrip at Lake Roosevelt Az. Grapevine is open to public use on the 3rd weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) of each month only.
By: Mark SpencerRead more: Arizona Backcountry Progress - Tuweep Update Who would have imagined two years ago that the pilot community in Arizona would enjoy an award winning relationship with the U. S. Forest Service? Yet this is exactly the relationship we have built with the Tonto and the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest teams. On January 16th, I was taken by surprise as District Ranger (DR) Telles interrupted our
By Jim TimmRead more: February Executive Director's Report The flying weather has been good and the lower temperatures have been great for improved engine and airplane performance along with our own. In some cases it’s been a bit too cold for some of us “desert rats”, Please remember, we are in that time of the year that care needs to be exercised when encountering snow and icing conditions. From AOPA, we just learned
Craig Albright, Cirrus N857CD @ KCHD, CFI/IIRead more: Getaway to KPSP Canceled Due to Weather Weather combined with a variety of other issues (e.g., work, medical, etc.) have resulted in cancellation of our Weekend Getaway to Palm Springs, CA this weekend. I realize that most of you have already contacted me individually but just in case you haven't gotten the word, we're postponing the trip. So, please attend to any
From Kelly L. Jardine, District Ranger, Tonto Basin Ranger District:  Read more: Nesting Pair of Bald Eagles Near Roosevelt Lake "Folks, we have a new nesting pair of bald eagles near Schoolhouse Point at Roosevelt Lake that we will protect under an area closure order like we have in place for the other two nest sites at the lake. The ground closure to entry is in effect December 1st thru June 30th. During that time there is
Luke AFB ILS is now available!Read more: Luke AFB ILS General Aviation just got a Christmas present from Luke Air Force Base! We are very pleased to announce that the Luke AFB ILS at their Aux. 1 field is going to be available for restricted civilian use for practice approaches when the Wing is not flying effective January 4, 2013. Attached is the ILS approach procedure chart issued by the 56
2012: In the BackcountryRead more: The Arizona Backcountry in 2012 Mark Spencer It’s been an incredible year in the Arizona backcountry! For Arizona pilots it’s been a year of progress, but believe me when I say, it’s been full of ups and downs. One day I’d feel higher, well than a Cub, and the next like someone had kicked me in the gut. The words offered by President John McKenna of the RAF, “Remember it’s a
JANUARY ACCIDENT SUMMARYRead more: January Accident Report by Jim Timm In this regular reporting of aviation accidents that have occurred in Arizona, I hope that we can learn from the mistakes being made and take corrective action to prevent similar accidents from occurring in the future. For the last reporting period, the NTSB has reported six aviation accidents in Arizona. Of these accidents, there was one
  JANUARY EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORTRead more: January Executive Director's Report January, 2013 Jim Timm The flying weather has been good and the lower temperatures have been great for improved engine and airplane performance along with our own. We are moving into that time of the year to again be wary of rain/snow/icing issues. Have a happy new year and please fly safe! Last month we discussed the Federal