The Arizona Pilots Association GAARMSRead more: GAARMS March 14-15, 2012 Howard Deevers General Aviation Accident Reduction & Mitigation Symposium What is a "Symposium?" My Webster's said: A conference at which a particular topic is discussed by various speakers. Probably most of us have been to some kind of "Symposium" at least once in our business life, or even aviation training. We also go to
Read more: February 2012 Executive Director's Report Jim Timm, Executive Director The flying weather is great and I hope everyone has been able to take advantage of it and go to one of the fly-in breakfasts or fly off to your favorite airport restaurant The Phoenix TRACON has issued a Letter To Airmen outlining recommendations to minimize flight conflicts between transiting general aviation aircraft and air carrier aircraft
President's ReportRead more: February 2012 President's Report Nancy Benscoter, APA President January has been a busy but a rewarding start to the New Year. After more than a year of APA’s coordinated backcountry efforts, fly-ins and collaborative team approach with the RAF (Recreational Aviation Foundation), we got the approval to renovate the over-growth on the Restricted Grapevine Airstrip. The APA extended this