Below is a presentation on federal and state wildfire aviation operations in southeastern Arizona. The presentation provides information about types of fire fighting aircraft, how they are used at and near wildfires, and the conditions they operate in. Fire season normally starts in March and concludes in October in southern Arizona, although wildfires can occur year round when dry conditions are present. 

Wildfire aviation operations in southern Arizona are similar to wildfire operations throughout Arizona and the rest of the United States. The presentation provides an overview of wildfire aviation operations and underscores the importance for non-fire fighting aircraft to avoid wildfires when possible. 

Additional information about wildfires in Arizona can be found at the Southwest Area Coordination Center website:

Southwest Coordination Center (SWCC)

or the

Incident Information System - ARIZONA




Download the Full Presentation Here:



2017-03 wildfire-p4-650px




Download the Full Presentation Here:



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