The following are NTSB reports of aviation accidents that occurred in Arizona from November through late December. The Arizona Pilots Association will use this detailed accident information to develop safety programs and briefings that will help pilots learn from the mistakes being made by others, and hopefully they will take the action necessary to prevent similar accidents from happening to them.

This reporting period has been terrible, no matter how you look at it. There were ten airplane accidents that occurred, that I am aware of, and one of the ten involved two fatalities. These ten accidents occurred in the month of November only, and the NTSB did not report on any more accidents occurring by the end of December when this report was prepared. Knowing what happened in November, I can’t imagine that no accidents occurred in December, but am hopeful. Also, of these ten accidents, the NTSB has only released preliminary reports on two of them. Because of the government shut down, I suspect it may be a while before the NTSB will get all the accident reports released for the balance of November and December. As a result, a year-end report may be delayed.

Available information on the accidents reported in this period are detailed below. It appears that ground handling and taxi accidents are becoming rather prevalent. Be aware of where your wing tips are, and potential ground hazards. Even on the ground, maintain a situational awareness of other airplanes and ground obstructions.

Let’s all do whatever we can to be more careful, and make sure both we and our airplanes have a safe new year.




Accident Date: October 27, 2018

Preliminary Report Dated: 11/15/18

Title 14 CFR Part 91

Location: Bumble Bee

Aircraft Type: Aviat A1

Injuries: 2 Uninjured


The NTSB Preliminary Report has not been published, but based on pilot comments and APA information, the airplane landed with the brakes possibly applied, and nosed over onto its back. No injuries were involved, but there was significant aircraft damage.



Accident Date: November 5, 2018


Preliminary Report Dated: 12/11/18

Title 14 CFR Part 91

Location: Chandler

Aircraft Type: Piper PA 28-181 & Piper PA 28-181

Injuries: 3 Uninjured.


On November 5, 2018, about 1019 mountain standard time, two airplanes, a Piper PA28-181, N9299B, and a Piper PA28-181, N419PA, collided on the ground at Chandler Municipal Airport (CHD). The student pilot and airline transport pilot in N9299B, and the student pilot in N419PA were not injured. The left aileron on N9299B was substantially damaged, and the right wing on N419PA sustained minor damage. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed, and visual flight rules flight plans were filed. N9299B was an instructional flight that was originating at the time. N419PA departed Ryan Field Airport (RYN), Tucson, Arizona, at an unknown time, on a cross country flight with a destination of CHD.

The pilot of N419PA had just accomplished a full stop taxi back landing and was taxiing back to the runway for takeoff. The pilot in N9299B was undergoing a check ride and was stopped in the run up area, completing pre-takeoff checks. N419PA arrived at the run up area after N9299B, and the pilot completed his pre-takeoff checks and attempted to taxi around the left side of N9299B, that was stopped in front of him. Subsequently, N419PA's right wing struck the left wing of N9299B.



accident report 2019 1 beech a36 williams

Accident Date: November 14, 2018

Preliminary Report Dated: 11/27/18

Title 14 CFR Part 91

Location: Williams

Aircraft Type: Beech A36

Injuries: 2 Uninjured


The NTSB Preliminary Report has not been published, but based on other information the aircraft apparently clipped trees and impacted off airport terrain shortly after takeoff from H. A. Clark Memorial Field Airport (KCMR).



accident report 2019 1 zenith ch601xl overgaard

Accident Date: November 16, 2018

Preliminary Report Dated: 11/28/18

Title 14 CFR Part 91

Location: Overgaard

Aircraft Type: Zenith CH601XL

Injuries: 2 Fatal


On November 16, 2018, about 1530 mountain standard time, a Zenith Zodiac 601XL, experimental, amateur-built airplane, was substantially damaged after impacting a tree and a home, 1/4 mile from the approach end of runway 21 at the Mogollon Airpark (AZ82), Overgaard, Arizona. The pilot and pilot-rated passenger and were fatally injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the cross-country flight, and no flight plan was filed for the flight that originated from Lake Havasu City Airport (HII) about 1300, with a destination of AZ82.

There were several witnesses in the area that stated they heard a loud thud or felt a vibration about the time of the accident, and did not investigate. The wreckage was first identified by nearby home owners about one hour after the accident.

According to a family member, the pilot and his son had planned a multi-leg flight from Fullerton Municipal Airport (FUL), Fullerton, California, to Orange Port, Florida. The morning of the accident, they departed from FUL to HII. After landing at HII and taking on fuel, they departed and were planning to stop at AZ82 for the night, where the pilot owned a hangar.

AZ82 is uncontrolled and situated at an elevation of 6,657 ft above mean sea level. It is equipped with a single paved runway, designated 3/21, which measures 3,420 ft by 50 ft. The runway is peaked halfway down the length and there is no line of sight between the runway ends. The displaced threshold for runway 21 is 746 ft long and is down sloping from the runway. A taxiway extends from the displaced threshold another 500 ft in the same direction as the runway. A visual approach-slope indicator (VASI) is positioned left of the runway 21 threshold.

A post-accident examination of the site revealed the first identified point of contact (FIPC) was the top of an 80 ft tree on the direct centerline view of runway 21 and about 1,500 ft from the runway threshold. About 226 ft from the FIPC, a wing impact mark and cuts consistent with rotating propeller blades were found on the roof of an unoccupied home. The airplane then impacted a 2nd tree before impacting the ground in the taxi area between homes. A propeller blade was found in several sections about 170 ft from the home. The empennage separated from the main wreckage and remained lodged in the 2nd tree about 20 ft off the ground. The main wreckage was found inverted with leading edge impact damage to the right wing, and buckling to both wings. The fuselage was twisted, and the engine remained partially attached. Fuel drained from the right wing during the recovery of the wreckage.

The 1535 automated weather observation at Show Low Regional Airport (SOW), Show Low, Arizona, located about 27 miles to the east of the accident site, included wind from 210° at 10 knots, visibility 10 miles, and clear skies, temperature 13° C and dew point -18° C. The density altitude was calculated at 7,400 ft. A privately-owned weather station near the approach end of runway 21 recorded peak wind at 6 knots about the time of the accident.



Accident Date: November 17, 2018

Location: Lake Pleasant

Aircraft type: Scottish Aviation 101MDL Bulldog.

Injuries: 2 Injured

Media Information Only - Built in limited numbers, the Bulldog is a small 3 place trainer built for training European military pilots. This one experienced a power loss inflight and landed in Lake Pleasant, injuring the pilot and passenger. It is believed that the airplane was based at DVT.



Accident Date: November 23, 2018

Preliminary Report Dated: 12/3/2018

Title 14 CFR Part 91

Location: Benson

Aircraft Type: Champion 7GCBC

Injuries: Unknown

The NTSB Preliminary Report has not been published.



accident report 2019 1 piper pa 28 180 casa grande

Accident Date: November 27, 2018

Preliminary Report Dated: 12/10/2018

Title 14 CFR Part 91

Location: Casa Grande

Aircraft Type: Piper PA 28-180

Injuries: 1 Serious


The NTSB Preliminary Report has not been published, but other sources stated the aircraft landed short of the runway and impacted airport fencing at Casa Grande Municipal Airport (KCGZ). The airplane sustained unreported damage and the sole pilot onboard received serious injuries.



Accident Date: November 28, 2018

Preliminary Report Dated: 11/29/2018

Title 14 CFR Part 91

Location: Mesa (IWA Airport)

Aircraft Type: Cessna 172 & Pilatus PC12


The NTSB Preliminary Report has not been published. However, based on local media and other sources, apparently the Pilatus taxied into the left wing of the 172 which was setting at a taxiway entrance to the runway, “eating off” the outer half of the 172‘s left wing. All that was left of the Pilatus prop were short stubs of the composite prop, the blades departed the area. No one was injured, but two airplanes and a very scary experience for a student pilot in the 172, and an expensive encounter for both airplanes.

accident report 2019 1 beech cessna 172 pilatus pc12 mesa

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