Our 2019 safety record is off to a bad start this year starting with the fatal accident out in the Kingman area in January.

The woman pilot, a resident of Prescott Valley, was found dead at the scene, according to MCSO. Her passenger, also from Prescott Valley, was found in serious condition and taken to Kingman Regional Medical Center. He was later moved to a Las Vegas hospital and is in critical condition, according to an MCSO release. The plane crashed about 100 yards from the Mohave County Parks Ranger Station. The Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash.

gaarms viii mark your calendars for march 23 2019

The GAARMS VIII presentation will be presented at several locations across Arizona in the coming months. Watch FAASAFETY.GOV for future SPANS announcements as well as this column as locations and dates are established. If your organization or airport community would like to also have a presentation, just contact me through the APA website.

Fred’s Perspective…

The following was sent to me by both an FAA buddy and a friend who just happens to be a retired airline pilot and a true representative of the story…

In the 3rd grade, my teacher said “Quit staring out the window, because when you grow up, no one will pay you to sit there and just look out the window!”

gaarms 2019 03 ads b out deadline is fast approaching 1

“HA HA, guess I showed her!”


Time is running out for your ADS-B installation should you need to do that upgrade to your airplane. Remember, the FAA imposed deadline is January 2020, only 11 months away, and now you may well end up at the back of the long line of last-minute-er’s. You might end up grounded because of the long wait lines.

  • If you are based at an airport within the boundary of a Class B veil (like FFZ, GEU, CHD, STELLAR AIRPARK, PEGASUS, AK-CHIN REGIONAL, ETC), you are required to have ADS-B, period!
  • If you are based at a class C airport, you are required to have ADS-B, period!
  • If you operate above 10,000 feet MSL, you are required to have ADS-B, period!
  • If you have your Super Cub, T-craft, KitFox, Zenith, RV-4 or whatever parked on a small airport in class E or G airspace, like Casa Grande, Wickenburg or Show Low, or on your ranch in Ash Fork or your private strip like Thunder Ridge, there is NO requirement to have ADS-B if you never go above 10,000 feet, into class C or inside any class B veil area!

gaarms 2019 03 ads b out deadline is fast approaching 2

Yes, it will still be possible to exercise your freedom of flight and fly all the way across our beautiful country without ADS-B in your airplane – and away from the requirement to talk to ATC – after January 2020.

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BUT IT WILL BE SIGNIFICENTLY HARDER! You will really have to know how to navigate, how to read a sectional and TAC chart, how to identify airspace, how to avoid airspace (both laterally and vertically) and understand that your GPS does NOT delineate airspace boundaries as simply as you think.

IT WILL ALSO BE A LOT LESS SAFE, AND HARDER TO GET ATC SERVICES IF YOU WANT OR NEED THEM. ATC uses a combination of long-range radars (the ARTCC’s), while the approach controls use a shorter range, more accurate radar to see you.

Obviously, the further away from the radar site you are, the less accurate the positioning. Long range radars used by the ARTCC’s generally take about 12 seconds per rotation, or in plain English rotate 5 times per minute and ideally determine your position every 12 seconds, with less accuracy the further away from the radar site you are. ADS-B does not depend on radar – ADS-B sends out your GPS-derived position (a very accurate position I might add) every 2 seconds or so. That signal is captured via both satellite and ground receivers, and ATC computers integrates that positional data with the radar inputs and produces an image that looks just like radar. The ADS-B “OUT” also has the capability to include much more data than just your position, such as your N number, your altitude, your airspeed, type of aircraft, and who knows what else. It also allows ATC to see you behind a mountain, down in a valley, and very possibly on the ground at any airport, and especially in areas of NO radar coverage. Remember, it is satellite-linked, so you are transmitting your position, ATC radar is not searching for it.

If you decide to spend some of your hard-earned money on ADS-B “IN,” you get a whole lot more, like weather in the cockpit, depicted here on Foreflight.

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You will also see other aircraft positions around you (you can set the distance parameters, i.e., lateral and vertical, yourself if you like – in your C172 you do not need to see traffic at FL240!!). Your safety of flight is significantly improved, and ATC’s job of separating traffic is also significantly improved. However, an ADS-B “IN’ and “OUT” capable unit is considerably more expensive, both hardware and installation-wise. I have had such capability in my trusty Super Viking for over 3 years now with no problems and I love it. It connects to my Garmin GPS and via Bluetooth to my iPad with WingXpro moving map display, and that works just as great. I do 6-month ADS-B performance checks to make sure it is performing in accordance with FAA specs (which I print out and keep with my log books). I do that on line by going to the following web site –

and simply follow the directions. It does require you to know some information about your ADS-B unit.

gaarms 2019 03 ads b out deadline is fast approaching 5

Prices of ADS-B “OUT” has really dropped with the introduction of a lot of new players in the field, and technology has reduced the installation complexity a lot. Now even wingtip and taillight ADS-B “OUT” installation is possible, so you need to be a smart consumer when shopping for ADS-B for your particular airplane, but you also need to be a purchaser soon – the deadline is closing in faster than you think.

You DO NOT want to be number 23 in line at the avionics shop in January 2020…. 

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